Microsoft released Windows on October 28

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Microsoft released Windows 7 to preview on October 28 edition
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Time of Beijing of dispatch of sina science and technology on September 25 message, according to foreign media coverage, on the plenary meeting of “PDC”) of the following abbreviation of ”(of “ professional developer that was about to hold on October 28, microsoft will release Windows 7 to preview edition.

Next generation Windows clients that Windows 7 is Microsoft carry an operating system, on the PDC congress October 28, microsoft will offer Windows 7 to preview to staff of development attending the meeting edition.

On this congress, development staff will understand the more function of Windows 7, be like kernel, network, hardware and equipment, reach user interface to wait. In addition, development staff still has an opportunity to attend 21 seminars, the development that understands concerned Windows 7 in the round works.

The date that announces according to Microsoft shows, windows 7 hopeful 2009 bottom or release at the beginning of 2010. But the middle ten days of a month has a message to say this month, the Windows 7 issue date of Microsoft interior will be on June 3, 2009.

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