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Get financial standing is flabby the influence of the hearsay, team of occurrence citizen platoon leader shifts the much home site that bank of 24 days of East Asia is in Hong Kong showing case. To this, east Asia bank expressed yesterday, its financial standing is behaved at present good. To save bank of this the biggest independent this locality, li Jiacheng of senior solid chairman already purchased East Asia share into city a few days ago, bureau of canal of Hong Kong gold also to bank system infuse 3.9 billion HK dollar.

   ” of thunder of “ of East Asia experience and experience AIG asset 470 million HK dollar

From this week a Hong Kong already somebody carries mobile phone short message, bank of hearsay East Asia has the problem of about 500 million HK dollar, suffer this influence to manage a case flabby, be take-overed possibly by special zone government. Begin to increase to circumstance of drawing of branch of 23 days of East Asia, person of drawing of each site of Hong Kong of bank of 24 days of East Asia queueing up is added urgently. Share price of East Asia bank at 24 days dish in steep fall 11.29% , a day of loss is close the market prise of 3.1 billion HK dollar.

Statement weighed East Asia bank yesterday, concerned rumor is by no means true and devoid any factual basises. Nevertheless, according to East Asia bank was announced yesterday, its reach American international group to Lei Man's brother (AIG) loan remaining sum reachs 49.9 million HK dollar for 400 million 22.8 million HK dollar respectively.

At present East Asia bank already told police of meeting Hong Kong and management board of Hong Kong banking instantly with respect to this matter, police is adopting follow-up to act with respect to concerned bruit.

  Bureau of canal of Hong Kong gold is noted to bank system endowment 3.9 billion HK dollar

The disturbance of a run on a bank of East Asia bank makes market of a person of same business of Hong Kong bank appears yesterday morning tight situation, a daily interest reate on private loans or deposits of bank a person of same business rises high. For insecurity of fund of Shu delay market, bureau of canal of Hong Kong gold is noted 25 days to system of Hong Kong bank endowment 3.9 billion HK dollar. This is Hong Kong gold is in charge of bureau afterwards 18 days to even more the 2nd times after 1.556 billion HK dollar to note to infuse of market of short-term loan of bank a person of same business endowment the action. On September 25 at 12 o'clock, gold is in charge of bureau president Ren Zhigang to express, east Asia bank is crowded carry incident to already came to an end. Hong Kong finance manages director Ceng Junhua also makes known his position, if need to assist, force supports Yi Huiquan.

  Li Jiacheng becomes a shareholder spark share price of East Asia bank rebounds

The force that superintends authorities besides Hong Kong is held out, have “ Hong Kong the say Li Jiacheng of ” of Ba Fei spy also moves in order to stabilize investor confidence. 25 days of this messages obtain Li Guobao of chairman of East Asia bank to confirm, but did not disclose specific a number and meeting are denied act continuously. Li Guobao expresses, he himself also entered goods yesterday. Suffer this effect, east Asia bank stops yesterday drop rebound, dish in go up greatly 5% , close at 26 HK dollar finally / , go up 3.38% .
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