The report says Chinese rich personage grew 20.3% 2007

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Xin Yuanwei) nimble released beautiful Lin Hekai jointly yesterday " Asia-Pacific region wealth reports " show, to the end of 2007, china shares 415 thousand rich personage, relatively grew 20.3% 2006.

Rich personage is to point to the individual that owns property of above of 1 million dollar, these asset do not include the estate that lives oneself. China is Asia-Pacific area the 2nd great rich public figure focuses the land, occupy an area inside 14.8% of rich personage population. Average capital fund is worth Chinese rich personage to already reached 5.1 million dollar.

In the meantime, china became Asia-Pacific first last year rich public figure's maximum country exceeds inside the area. The asset that exceeds rich personage to have exceeds 30 million dollar, china shares 6038.

Liu Changxin of general manager of senior executive market represents district of big China of management of money of whole world of United States forest, chinese economy high speed developed last year, violent wind of stock market market prise rises, the population of rich personage and fortune increase continuously. From last year second half of the year begins, uncertainty situation is full of to fall in economy, asia-Pacific area is rich the investment with personage relatively conservative preference, cash, deposit and fixed income negotiable security are occupied Asia-Pacific area is rich last year 46% of personage finance capital, relatively increased 7 percent 2006.

The report thinks, the rich personage total assets of Asia-Pacific area predicts year of increase rate for 7.9% , tallish 7.7% what expect increase rate at the whole world. Asia-Pacific area hopeful replaces Europe, make the whole world the fortune of the 2nd rich personage focuses the land.

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