American Chinese is amounted to 3.54 million

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In bureau of census of electric United States announced new network on September 23 on September 25 community census reported 2007, all-around revealed the American mouth, income, education, housing, medical treatment, data such as obtain employment. The United States " live abroad signs up for " the reporter obtains Chinese information from census bureau, what draw the outline of brigade beautiful Chinese roughly is newest live condition.

   Population: American Chinese 3.54 million

American Chinese population amounted to 3.53 million 8 more than 1000 people 2007, be inferior a few a group of things with common features descendants with descendants go-between most mouth, it is Philippine next, support of the people of Indian, Vietnam is Korean.

This investigation shows, the Chinese of onefold blood relationship is occupied 90% , amount to 3.05 million person. The proportion that the Chinese has two above blood relationship is apparent average level of prep above complete beauty, show the Chinese crosses phenomenon of intermarriage of a group of things with common features descendants more general. The Chinese divorces and live apart rate have 5.7% only, apparent under complete beauty the level of 12.7% .

American Chinese female over male, sexual scale is 52.3% than 47.7% , average age is less than 36 years old, 8 into in 55 years old the following, old person of 65 years old of above 360 thousand, it is complete beauty's younger a group of things with common features descendants. The average scale of American Chinese family is 3.41 people, be more than completely beautiful average level slightly.

Be in all in 3.54 million Chinese, american mainland is born occupy 1.31 million, 2.23 million what the foreign country is born, among them 4 into 4 the beauty comes before 1990, 2 into 6 the beauty comes after 2000. There already was 1.32 million naturalization in the 2.23 million Chinese that the foreign country is born, still 910 thousand do not have naturalization.

This is meant, the Chinese that has American citizenship is occupied 2.63 million, combinative population age composes scale, can push cipher out to be in forthcoming American general election, the Chinese that has voting right has 2.1 million about, be in inferior descendants China person is the greatest voting power, but occupy what the whole nation restricts number of 220 million constituency to be less than only 1% .

   Education: More than half has gotten higher education

  24% Chinese tell English only the person English of 42% is bad

Foreign citizen of Chinese origin takes educational training of children seriously very much, the scale that enters an university to take advanced courses is apparent average level of prep above United States. According to statistic, the United States registers scale to be a schoolboy in school undergraduate 23% , schoolgirl 29% ; Undergraduate of foreign citizen of Chinese origin registers scale to be a schoolboy respectively 43% , schoolgirl 41% ; Part than countrywide scale tower above one times with 1/3. And schoolboy of foreign citizen of Chinese origin compares scale of enter a school prepare higher. And inferior descendants registers the scale of male and female of rate to be only in school undergraduate 19% with 23% , apparent the scale under children of foreign citizen of Chinese origin.
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