Spacefarer system commander in chief: Future considers to enrol female spacefare

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Spacefarer system commander in chief holds total stylist Chen Shanan concurrently to expressed a few days ago, new round spacefarer choose is undertaking relevant preparation, once give orders to start, they can do the work of very follow-up choose hammer and tongs.

Spacefarer scientific research trains Yang Liwei of assistant general director of system of central vice director, spacefarer to say: “ last year, we make the standard of choose new spacefarer, new standard is more perfect on the foundation of first spacefarer choose standard with science. After this year the task ends, be aimed at follow-up job requirement, according to ranking requirement, can look for a right time to start new the choose of a batch of spacefarers, this time won't be very long. Want superior to give this statement only, can begin immediately this job. ”

Be aimed at started specific time, spacefarer choose trains subsystem director Wu Bin to express, inside 3 years two the likelihood should start this business. The reason depends on: It is the demand of task of our country manned spaceflight, 2 it is the current situation that has this batch of spacefarers, for instance the age.

New the choose standard of a batch of spacefarers produced many change. Yang Liwei discloses, in choose first spacefarer when, some standards are not certain and complete science. As executive task, add so much year the training experience to the spacefarer, in establishing new choose standard, relevant provision gets be perfectinged ceaselessly. From assessment project, as a result of the development of science and technology, of the method advanced, some projects undertook increase and decrease. And, also change somewhat to the spacefarer's standard. For instance, when first choose, the height of requirement spacefarer is in 1 meter 65 go to 1 meter 72 between, new standard wants taller than this. This also is to get used to job requirement, according to the adjustment that the development of spacecraft undertakes now.

Yang Liwei expresses, new spacefarer is right culture administrative levels, include the field such as level of intellectual structure, foreign language the demand is higher, because,this is the development as spaceflight career, the spacefarer participates in dimensional science can increasingly to experiment.

Come to follow ship engineer and load expert at whether can be being recruited, yang Liwei says: We return “ now at primary level, grow according to the instruction and the spacefarer that fosters at present closes together to train along with ship engineer, the spacefarer assumed all jobs. But henceforth the development as the task, according to job requirement, also may recruit the engineer that follow a boat and load expert. ”

Yang Liwei also expresses at the same time, the choose of female spacefarer has not included workaday Cheng. “ China female goes flying to do not have a problem for certain. He says ” , we also are doing “ now a few grind beforehand project, for instance the standard of choose female spacefarer and male spacefarer differs, what differ. A lot of standards also had come out. And also support very much socially, a lot of undergraduates do a volunteer, gave us very good support. ”
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