Wen Jiabao: China will be absolved least of all developed country part still did

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Wen Jiabao: China will be absolved least of all developed country part still did not borrow money The U.N. chiliad development that Chinese premier Wen Jiabao holds 25 days in headquarters of new York U.N. looks address on level level conference, appeal the developed country wants to assume a responsibility that helps underdeveloped nation. China News Service is sent Li Jing is photographed

In the U.N. chiliad that Wen Jiabao of premier of electric China the State Council held 25 days in headquarters of new York U.N. on September 26 develops new network the address is published on conference of order level level. Speaking full text is as follows:

   The talk on conference of order level level grows in U.N. chiliad

Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council of People's Republic of China

(On September 25, 2008)

Chairman gentleman, secretary-general gentleman:

Ladies, gentlemen:

8 years ago today, u.N. is majestic passed " chiliad is enunciative " , broad and impoverished population saw new hope from which on the world.

China is the country with the most population on the world. Since 1978, china basically relies on him hard, reforming and opening, accelerate development, do not be in inside time make absolutely and impoverished population from 250 million decrease 15 million; In the whole nation especially the country implemented 9 years of free and compulsory education; The government was built to throw the system of new-style collaboration medical treatment that give priority to in 800 million farmer; Still built rural villager and townsman autonomy system at the same time, open, democracy supervises solid administration Wu and basic level is direct election.

Everything of contemporary Chinese tries hard, in the final analysis is for a thing —— eliminates poverty, reach the modernization that prosperous and strong and democratic civilized harmony realizes on the foundation here.

In the development that China bears the blame as big country, although not rich, but already cashed right " chiliad is enunciative " acceptance, go up for the world a few least of all the contribution that the developed country made in one's power. Up to by June 2008, chinese accumulative total is absolved afro-asian wait for end of 49 heavy debt country and least of all developed country debt 24.7 billion yuan; Provide fund of of all kinds aid 206.5 billion yuan, among them free helps 90.8 billion yuan; Be opposite 42 least of all the commodity of the developed country gives 0 custom duty treatment, tax items is 736-1115, occupy least of all the developed country is right 98% of forehead of Chinese export trade. China still groomed for Africa 15000 of all kinds talents, dispatch 100 senior agrotechnical experts, expedite medical team, aid builds 100 30 hospitals, country schools, free provides remedy of malaria of prevention and cure. The China end 2007 expands capacity to enhance African ego, the decision provides 2.377 billion yuan free aid and 700 million yuan interest-free loan.
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