Pop chart of longlived person of Shanghai head portion gives heat

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Pop chart of longlived person of Shanghai head portion gives heat the most senile old person is 109 years old The most elderly old person announces Shanghai, ms. Li Suqing with 109 years old advanced age is elected

Chen Li of reporter of □ morning paper grants trainee horse fine horse

To the end of 2007, 100 years old of old people already amounted to 758. Pop chart of longlived person of first 10 great men and womens gave heat yesterday. The Li Suqing old person that lives in Pudong the advanced age with 109 years old, become Shanghai's most senile longlived person. And this old person also is now the alive old person that Shanghai is born exclusively in 19 centuries, it is exclusive a Shanghai citizen that witnessed 3 centuries vicissitudes of life.

According to international consensus, in saying the standard is every 1 million population it is importantly to get on a of macrobian area, 100 years old of old people achieve 70. Current, 100 years old of old numbers in 1 million population of whole town have 55, more than 70 area county has static how (155) , Lu Wan (109) , Xu Hui (89) , south collect (83) , Chong Ming (70) 5 areas county.

It is reported, shanghai old age learns to learned to ever investigated 50 100 years old old person, the result discovers the old person has collective the way to keep in good health: They mostly very not seek fame and wealth, disposition is very optimistic, big family is very harmonious. Old at ordinary times people does the business that he likes, him thing that holds to oneself is done, hold to appropriate physical training; Do not carry basically feed; Do not smoke, little drink; Sleep on time with get up.

Shanghai old age learns to learn former dean of hospital of vice-chairman, Hua Dong Professor Wang Chuanfu to think, gene of heredity of 100 years old of old people is occupied 15% , social element is occupied 10% , improvement of medical treatment condition is occupied 8% , climate condition is occupied 7% , the others 60% elements depend on him old person.

Witness 3 centuries vicissitudes of life, complete Shanghai alone she one person

Did not break down in the bed, do not have serious chronic more. Everybody cannot think of, shanghai's most macrobian old person lives 109 years old so healthily still. The day before yesterday in the morning at 10 o'clock, the reporter comes to the home of Li Suqing old person. Cannot think of, the reporter just was crossed into the door, li Suqing is greeted enthusiasticly. Li Apo is very modern, wind is hanging treasure of gold dollar of a string of red tassel. She carries some camel on the back but enunciation is clear, the eyes is very good, spirit is very hale and hearty also, connect crutch need not. Children is filial + pays attention to preserve one's health
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