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Time of Beijing of sina sports dispatch on September 25 message, according to coverage of network of lake person official, yue of Chinese player grandson attended the press conference that person of los angeles lake holds for him. It is reported, the place of the news briefing is set in the training place that team is in California. Mi Ji of lake person general manager - Kupuqieke attended personally news briefing, reporter of local a lot of media also undertook interviewing to Sun Yue.

2007 choose beautiful congress to go up, lake person is in the 2nd round, always the 40th arrange a Sun Yue in carrying, but last sports season were not made an appointment with with his autograph. Accordingly, sun Yue still follows go on an expedition of Beijing abstruse god the ABA league matches of last sports season. In 8 years by August, lake person announces as formal as Sun Yue autograph is made an appointment with. Contract by a definite date of Sun Yue 2 years. He will be 442 thousand dollar in the pay of new beautiful sports season, yearly salary of the 2nd year will reach 736 thousand dollar.

When spokesman of lake person government lets Sun Yue make self introduction, sun Yue's self-confident say, “ everybody is good, I am Sun Yue, come from China, it is a 6 feet 9 inches full back. My nickname is ‘Q-Tip’ , you also can call me ‘Q’ directly, I do not mind. ”(notes: Q-TIP is the brand that a kind of cotton of American signs, be pointed to later for you cotton autograph, the autograph often uses this kind of cotton to pick ears. Bead of a little pork grew on Sun Yue's ear, so the foreign nationality coach of abstruse god took this nickname to him. So the foreign nationality coach of abstruse god took this nickname to him..

Beijing Olympic Games is Sino-US after big fight, sun Yue ever was compared with division of lake person old - Bulaiente has had brief chat, sun Yue still is done not have at that time and lake person autograph is made an appointment with, nevertheless division comparing says to Sun Yue, “ trains battalion to see! ” apparent branch is compared early had known, sun Yue will join in formally this year lake person.

Sun Yue expresses, “ division compares a likelihood is one of NBA players with Chinese top gas, lake person is the team that I like most all the time. Can join in so lake person, play a ball game together with division comparing, come true like the dream to me. When me about the same 15 years old, when beginning to play professional basketball, I begin to watch the game of lake person, treat their trigonometry attack, I had had certain knowledge to the tactics of team, here, I can play rear guard controlling a ball, also can call other position, I had made preparation. ”

Speak of the target of new beautiful sports season, sunyue's modest say, “ trains hard namely, do the everything that the coach asks next. This is my target of the first year, because I am a new show, I cannot ask too much. I can think of course field all can obtain what control 30 minutes to come on the stage time, but plainspoken I feel unlikely. ”
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