China is mobile UniCom of transfer of 50 billion yuan of capital

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Dispatch of sina science and technology on September 24 message, occupy personage of many know the inside story to confirm, national endowment appoint the decision gives China 50 billion yuan UniCom from Chinese mobile transfer directly, this capital conduces to the capital pressure that eases Chinese telecommunication to buy C network, at the same time UniCom also can obtain capital to undertake wireless network is built.

Spokesman of Chinese mobile news expresses to sina science and technology, group company firm support deepens telegraphic system reform, before this already sufficient ready-made, will ask according to the country, allocate and transfer supports cautious group 100 million yuan hundreds, this action and appear on the market the company has nothing to do.

   Chinese mobile “ buys odd ” for C net

“ this matter weighs constituent home early in ‘ placed when ’ . A Chinese mobile personage confirms ” , “ basically is the nominal transfer UniCom with the settle accounts between the net, these 50 billion yuan also include charge of the settle accounts between the net of Chinese telecommunication. ”

Competitor of allowance of Chinese mobile profit, next employee on the company have more to this rough. “ is national endowment appoint the money in him pocket. ” labour believes a telegraphic academy an expert laughingstock, “ China telecommunication buys UniCom C network 110 billion yuan, these 50 billion yuan also include the convert into money of pair of C nets, in order to ease the capital pressure of Chinese telecommunication. ”

According to our country money newspaper shows businessman of 4 big telegraphic operation first half of the year this year, profit of Chinese telegraphic net 12.63 billion yuan, chinese net connects 5.877 billion yuan, chinese UniCom 4.42 billion yuan, 3 net summation is close 23 billion yuan; And China is mobile profit of a net has 54.8 billion yuan namely, achieve net profit of half an year new tall, average everyday net 300 million yuan.

An UniCom personage confirms to sina science and technology: “ company in-house meeting has reported this matter, specific reason should be Chinese telecommunication buys C network, ready money is insufficient. ”

  Telegraphic course of study is executed asymmetrical control

In addition, this UniCom personage discloses, chinese shift is in two cities are pilot carry date to turn net, if pilot not successful, will adopt measure to restrict its to develop directly, this also is asymmetrical the one part of control.

Recently since a month, chang Xiaobing of CEO of UniCom of Wang Xiaochu of telegraphic CEO of Wang Jianzhou of Chinese mobile CEO, China, China and Chinese net connect CEO Zun Xun to be born to confirm already publicly, meeting grading rolls out superintendency branch those who be aimed at telegraphic industry is asymmetrical policy.
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