Profit gain play chess should save city of office building building in the burea

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Profit gain play chess should save city of office building building in the bureau in disorder and not be to deliver room value

In the random bureau that Chinese building city is in gain of a profit to weichi. Government of afterwards each district comes on stage of all kinds covert after the plan that delivers estate business, in room assist with lively interest spokesman part requirement administration offers full credit banking policy, come the development of real estate of “ support ” .

If this is planted,with monetary adjusting control and local government the “ of direct intervention market binds ” and mode of ” of “ untie a person to be performed again and again, chinese real estate is put with respect to “ of serious step of hard to avoid random, stop the vicious circle of dead ” , its result, it is the estate business that to shirk passes adjusting control no matter, still be the consumer with lack of power purchasing power, all more look forward to looks at the adjusting control at administration, and the consequence that such doing, besides increase each interest principal part the balanced difficulty between and cause deeper besides acerber contradiction, can not achieve the goal that makes real estate health develops truly.

Apparent, seek the way of the benign development of Chinese real estate, must find his way additionally. Appear in economy the moment of truth of multiple uncertain factor, start the system sex that includes finance system to be reformed inside to change only, develop in order to put the benign growth that authority allows benefit to exchange economy, just be the only outlet that saves estate market.

Reforming the first pace is to must straighten the central relation with local government, system of government of the money that start makes reform and taxation system reform, make local government owns the right of property that matchs with responsibility authority photograph, make its are cast off thereby excessive to land financial depend on, return to the standard of market supervisor and night watchman.

This year first half of the year, countrywide revenue gross earnings finishs three thousand one hundred and forty-two billion five hundred and seventy-five million yuan, the expert predicts, countrywide finance income will be adjacent this year 6 trillion. Comfortable finance income, the regime that it is money made reform and taxation system reform offer historic opportunity. Appear in countrywide real estate below dispirited condition, no matter be to adjust the scale between central taxation and local taxation appropriately, or pay the special move that suits local administration specific project is examined and approve and transfer to a lower level of job of allocation of funds gives local government, will conduce to alleviate this one contradiction, also from go up at all the impulse that broke off local government to seek money from inside land.
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