Shanghai Pu Xi start working of the first high-rise advocate building 66 section

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Yesterday, the square of white yulan magnolia of the beach outside be located in north starts construction formally. According to project plan, appear the skyscraper that has 300 meters tall in yellow riverside river bank, center of edifice of the Oriental bright phearl that it will show shape of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces to distributing with area of mouth of Pudong land home, Jin Mao, round-the-world banking mutual echo. Square of white yulan magnolia predicts to was controlled 2012 build.

Square of white yulan magnolia is located in east between name road and Dong Changzhi road, rainbow mouth harbor east side, side of north of center of passenger transport of Shanghai harbor international. Whole square forms a structure by 3 buildings group, advocate the building is 300 meters tall, add up to 66. The basis has design plan, square of white yulan magnolia advocate the building is office building, complementary building is high-quality goods hotel, annex is bazaar.

American SOM company is in charge of the design of this project, the design that this company is Jin Mao edifice square, project controller tells morning paper the reporter, advocate the design inspiration of the building originates Shanghai grey yulan magnolia, not only the configuration that the plane of the edifice deduced flower, its exterior line also comes from the abstraction processing at the geometrical design to flower. In addition, outside wall sunshade board the clipper-built characteristic that drew lessons from leaf, this kind of unique design, make sunshade board can hold back heat energy by day, bring downier natural light indoor, can reduce smooth pollution again in night.

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