Tianjin already had 157 quiet villages every square metre house price is expensi

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Tianjin already had 157 quiet villages every square metre house price is expensive 100

Recently, our newspaper reported the dweller can'ts bear sufferring the problem of low frequency noise of village water pump. As weather gradually cool, bridal chamber decorates grow in quantity, the morning experienced noise, Lian Qinsheng that decorating siren of car of home of noise, illicit to resound is adjacent home child even, all become complain heat, nearly 9 express to had encountered noise to annoy in the village into the dweller.

From 2003 this city begins quiet living village to found the job up to now, this city already had 157 quiet living villages through checking and accept, involve 18 areas of whole town (county) . A few dwellers express in complain: The village on the side of us is hanging “ the brand of quiet village, inside as expected quiet many, if our village also wants to apply for quiet village, which branch should seek? ”

Garden of water of plum river glad was judged to be quiet village last year, property manager Sun Jianbo expresses: “ is not to be judged to go up after quiet village, the village does not have noise really, the idea that solves noise pollution however is good, and owner is special self-discipline. ”

Go in village of glad water garden, the reporter discovers if really quieter than other village many. An uncle expresses, the village is quiet as big as afforest area, motor vehicle is put ceaselessly about, dweller quality is very important also nevertheless, the old people in the village is hit in the village too extremely, do breathing exercises etc, if owner motion needs music to accompany to go to a village the business street square outside. Grandson the director says: “ since was judged to go up last year quiet village, the service phone of property also became noise to complain a phone at the same time, 24 hours recieve owner to complain, encounter a problem to coordinate solution immediately definitely. ”

Expert of bureau of the environmental protection that occupy town introduces, the noise pollution control that establishs quiet village to care to solving masses reached stimulative action since the problem. Noise pollution problem passes dweller self-discipline and house appoint meeting management, got comparative good settlement.

The staff member expresses bureau of city environmental protection, the village that accords with a condition can be resided by property or place appoint can offer application to branch of environmental protection of seat area county, the title is awarded by bureau of city environmental protection. Bureau of city environmental protection checks biennially, the village that does not amount to assessment standard will cancel “ the qualification of ” of quiet living village.

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