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National hair changes appoint, national statistic bureau yesterday (16 days) the “8 month that announce 70 big in ” of urban house sale price shows, house price annulus compared the our city August dropped 0.3 percent. As we have learned, this is price of our city house the 4th when appear inside this year drop.

This investigation data shows, august, price of our city house is in 0.3 percent dropped on the foundation in July. Among them, build link of commodity house price than dropping 0.2 percent, housing of 90 square metre dropped 0.2 percent. What deserve attention especially is, the our city is secondhand annulus compared the room August dropped a percent, annulus comparing falls a house is of all kinds first of the building.

Change according to national hair appoint, the investigation data that month by month of national statistic bureau publishs, since this year, price of our city house already appeared 4 times to drop: Was Feburary for the first time, annulus comparing drops that month 1.6 percent; Was May the 2nd, annulus comparing drops that month 0.1 percent; Was June the 3rd, annulus comparing dropped 0.1 percent; Was August the 4th, annulus comparing drops that month 0.3 percent.

Price of our city house goes situation and be in together western other big in the city comparatives roughly. It is with Chengdu exemple, house price annulus was compared August dropped 0.2 percent, build housing price link among them than dropping 0.2 percent, annulus of price of housing of 90 square metre is compared dropped 0.1 percent, secondhand house price annulus is compared dropped 0.1 percent. The personage inside course of study thinks, of price of our city house drop once more, with the country macroscopical adjusting control is concerned.

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