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  In Olympic Games early days, beijing building city experienced relatively long-term dreariness, the reason is more than. The element of many sided causes the occurrence of this kind of condition. As the arrival of Olympic Games the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, the look of Beijing is centered at the Olympic Games apparently on this focus. Arrive from the government individual, arrive from building city all trades and professions of other, what pay close attention to most is the content related to the Olympic Games.

   To building city, the price of time of the Olympic Games after the influence that buy course of study gets depends on the Olympic Games sponsorring a city to be in apparently rises drop problem, together with media is opposite the acuteness discussion of this problem, buy course of study person the state of mind of hesitate is formed naturally. So, although exist realistically,the reason of buy trade group buys room demand, they also are in the cycle of the Olympic Games wait-and-see, in fact, inside the heart more it is in fear and trembling, after afraid Olympic Games, house price can rise raise rises. Of course, this kind of apprehension is comparative Yuliciao the building city after carry holds a city to end in the Olympic Games goes situation and generation. Actually, go to Athens from Atlanta, the building city of city of 3 Olympic Gameses goes situation, only Athens drops, before both transfers smoothly. These going situation not be absolutely, the decision depends on the concerned element such as economic setting of place.

Return Beijing, of profit from Olympic Games hold, the city of your Beijing is built, all sorts of form a complete set reach the level of international class, reforming and opening of together with China the steady progress of 30 years of economy, the latent capacity that a lot of advantageous element decides to Beijing building city develops is tremendous. Just, of Olympic Games early days a few guess, during waiting to form the dreariness of building city condition, meanwhile, many rigid demand also is being accumulated. When rigid demand is released, all sorts of posture of building city can go high apparently.

  The Olympic Games considers periodicly changing buy industry standard

Of the Olympic Games hold, to Beijing, it is tremendous to Chinese influence. Among them the concept that most ages ago is mental level. The place of such as high level, rigid service standard, character is first in the life job that the concept such as pursuit keeps people already firmly. The person that refine buy course of study, these concept translate into consider the reason of the project, for instance: Traffic, a sector of an area, gardens, form a complete set, construction quality is waited a moment.

With course of study of rational buy of eye look upon, be society and
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