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On September 13, the ocean landscape building that is located in Beijing Shi Jingshan area dish Jing shows “ to jump floor price ” , lowermost discount 6.3 fold, room value is the greatest since achieving Beijing building city to drop in temperature fall. In the capital, outside developing business except the minority such as Pan Shige, development business joined majority to depreciate sales promotion cavalcade.

Those who deserve attention is, ocean landscape once is to soare building dish, became nowadays get drop building dish, and the face rolls out to developing business all sorts of depreciating sales promotion activity, the person that buy a house supports wait-and-see attitude mostly.

Soare in former days, get now drop

On September 13 morning, in site of building of carry out of Beijing ocean landscape, drive the citizen in an endless stream that will see a room from far and near, reporter of Chinese economy times saw here once long-unseen building city lively occasion. The reporter discovers in the spot, up to in the morning 10 when, register only watch the citizen between example to achieve 60 more than batch, gross about a hundred person.

That day, the houses of 7 special offer of 100 ocean landscape that break come out formally, add other privilege, lowermost discount is amounted to 6.3 fold. And a year ago, the building that ocean landscape ever still was a spurt in prices dish.

Last year August, our newspaper ever had paid close attention to price of ocean landscape house to soare phenomenon, this building dish the price once broke up 3 years two times. From original every square metre 449 yuan rise after every square metre is controlled 18000 yuan, house price begins to turn around later downward.

Miss Wang and domestic person are the old owner of ocean landscape. Last year, home Wang buys house of a semifinished product in ocean landscape, monovalent every square metre 15000 multivariate. Now, the house of her home already devalued.

Ocean landscape depreciates considerably make battle of Beijing price of real estate farther upgrade, at present, development business joined majority to depreciate sales promotion cavalcade. Show according to newest investigation, beijing most probably building dish already depreciated at present sales promotion, capital house price already dropped actually 10%-15% .

What be worth to be carried additionally is, although house price occurrence private parts drops since this year, butEstateThe profit space of development is very considerable still. Develop (of real estate of trade of the open sea beyond the littoral zone with ocean landscapeBusiness special administrative area, The building below the banner dish) for exemple, the newspaper in the ocean real estate that announced recently shows, ocean real estate realizes turnover in all first half of the year this year 3.247 billion yuan, among them estate develops turnover 3.021 billion yuan, gross profit 1.412 billion yuan, wool interest rate is as high as 43% .
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