Investment of 1-8 month estate is added fast fall to 30% the following

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National statistic bureau releases fixed assets to invest data the day before yesterday, investment of estate of before 8 months is added fast fall to 30% the following. Estate department may face the market wait-and-see mood and the double pressure with intense capital.

Estate investment added 1 ~ August fast from 1 ~ July go up compared to the same period 30.9% drop to go up 29.1% . Sun Mingchun of economist of Asia of company of Lei Man's brother is calculated, the estate investment August is added fast grow to be only compared to the same period 18.9% , far under 37.5% July.

In addition, according to the data that ministry of land natural resources provides, countrywide land has first half of the year approaching an in part is clinch a deal with base price, the land lot that 10% is control flows to pat or shed mark. A few home's well-known estate company expresses clearly to want to reduce estate to develop an area. 10 thousand divisions announced August, will reduce 6.83 million square metre by the 8.48 million square metre of original plan, decrease 19.5% ; Complete area also will reduce 5.86 million square metre from the 6.89 million square metre of original plan, decrease 14.9% .

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