Inferior foreground of course of study of meal of abstruse trade group is hopefu

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Development of estate of meal of Ya Yun Cun traces to the source

Tell the truth, ya Yun Cun this place is " colourful blessing really not shallow " , asia Game of 90 years lets her between one night well-known in the world. The wealthy person of each places in succession on north, inhabit a region hereat, make Beijing's accepted wealthy person division. A large number of in high-grade goods room lets assemble of Ya Yun Cun strong consumptive group, also derived with meal course of study business of famous Ya Yun Cun is encircled.

The meal course of study of Ya Yun Cun is in the capital is upper most develop, mix with Hui Zhongbei road, Hui Zhonglu among them the dining-room of big quarter road particularly numerous. Arrive in the evening, the business here especially hot, stop before door of each big meal wine shop full high-grade car. Not only a few intermediate date of platoon of wine shop need, connecting a few high-grade wine shop also is bustling. Alternative strong, it is the characteristic of course of study of meal of this one area, ” of the piscine ” of “ A Yibao from high-grade consumption, “ leopard ” , triumphant Yue of “ the four seas, the northeast dish such as ” of the “ nature ” that consumes to civilian, “ blackland impression, the meal of each administrative levels has.

The meal of numerous administrative levels includes business affairs to consume a guest already group also the masses is consumed, the village of Xi Beiyou face that resembles be located in Hui Zhonglu, Xi Shudou spends a village, the rate of seat of honour midday is 100% , and the big deadbeat on stews food shop, rate of seat of honour returns short of their half, and both tower above is very much before rate of latter in the evening seat of honour is compared. Investigate its reason, the consumptive crowd that this and they face and consumptive habit have very big concern. Traffic environment and parking space are the one gist white that meal runs a success.

Inferior industry of meal of abstruse district future develops way

As the Olympic Games hold, area of Ya Yun Cun is outspread also became now inferior abstruse trade group. At present the area already had Yaaode the meal of of all kinds, each administrative levels, but service key is not outstanding, have not develop fixed consumptive herd. From the point of long-term development, inferior the meal of abstruse area still has larger ascendant space, basically have way of the following development:

It is the inn of Chinese style snack of the concept in order to bring total provision

After the Olympic Games, the area will have Yaaode many domestic and international tourist comes this area looks around, the lunch consumption of this part crowd nots allow to ignore. To domestic tourist, economy, material benefit and safe provision are first selection; To foreign tourist, the safe, food that has local distinguishing feature is first selection. Offer the Chinese style quick meal that provides safe food, after the Olympic Games, can gain bigger profit.
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