Price of house of town of Beijing office building building is dark fall since wi

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Price of house of town of Beijing office building building is dark fall the " since wind unboiled water depreciates wet " Shan Yu is about to come

From bead three-cornered Shenzhen, Guangzhou, to mid Wuhan, Changsha, arrive again the long triangle of beacon rise from all directions is main nowadays urban Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, tide of ” of crash of house price “ is presenting the potential that spreads on north. So, after subsidise of Olympic Games aureola, whether is the Beijing building city with house strong all the time price also met the “ follow ” that the pace depreciates, clinch a deal iceboundly quantity whether the “ Jin Jiuyin in the tradition the get warm again after a cold spell in 10 ” , and is the ” of summary of conference of alleged “ Song Shanhu that is clarified publicly to be “ to fabricate ” by 10 thousand divisions in Beijing was how old billows aroused again inside landed circle?

To this, accept the expert inside the most industry that cover to think, beijing building city won't perform ” of “ diving match, but the ” of price “ dark battle that develops business already wind unboiled water rises, house price structuralization adjusts a trend Anacreontic already also, the average house price that is not core area will become loose stage by stage. Because buyers and sellers all is immersed in deepness in wait-and-see mood, predict to be over current price level, the sale of 10 ” will see “ Jin Jiuyin hard improvement. They point out at the same time, below the influence of outstanding achievement target and capital pressure, mainstream development business is probable to comparativing one part product is carried out depreciate sales promotion, in order to accelerate cash steam again. And of house price dropping moderately is a kind of rational regression, be helpful for releasing actual demand already, break sale deadlock, also be helpful for maintaining the benign development of real estate.

House price is dark fall since wind unboiled water

From this year the beginning of the year begins, beijing has a lot of buildings dish different level land develops sales promotion activity, buy a room to send a car, send travel, send property cost to wait favourable measure by no means an isolated case a moment. Enter first half of the year, with Qing Dynasty of ” of “ end room, “ dish the special offer room that ” name rolls out appears again and again, the range of the discount is bigger and bigger also, according to reporter understanding, lowermost discount already was broken through 7 fold. Market personage points out, from apparently look, beijing is at present new dish sale all price has not dropped, but many buildings dish the “ that borrows all sorts of name to carry out is dark fall ” activity already grew in intensity.
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