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Estate develops business to use a sale to pull, all sorts of sales promotion methods emerge in endlessly

Business of Beijing some development contacts early days owner actively to buy room owner sum to compensate ——— to be in 10 thousand divisions of Shanghai, Hangzhou to early days high price owner of early days of share of 10 thousand divisions is compensated to depreciate when running, beijing building city transmitted a startling message however: Ever was suspected of “ covering last year ” of dish of cherish carry out and be built by city appoint outside the 4 link that check integratedly some building dish, began to depreciate recently sale, contact early days owner actively, to depreciating the ” of “ price difference of around undertakes compensating.

Yesterday, 51 during with every square metre 17 thousand multivariate bought this building dish Mr Zhao tells a reporter surprizingly, because what he buys door model had depreciated at present every square metre 14 thousand multivariate, development business informs he wants to compensate many yuan 30 cash to him.

This resembled “ falling down from the sky simply a large sum of cash. I still am thinking to now, why should be development business done so? Depreciate sale, compensate early days owner actively again, can you affect the building quality henceforth? ”

No matter be Shanghai, Hangzhou, still be Beijing, depreciate the sale is not new issue any more, but development business is compensated actively to early days owner is however first.

■ the first spot:

Depreciate to fill again poor sale spot still cold and cheerless

Just passed at 11 o'clock in the morning, the reporter will be located in this building outside 4 annulus dish selling office, 56 salespersons are sitting at the back of bar to chat.

Does “ depreciate 4000 yuan / is the room of square metre much? a few? ” reporter asks. “ is not, what we are making work now is a building in all 12 unit, at present of special offer is 1 to 10 unit all houses; The rest of unit door relatively big, special offer wants when 11 during just begin. ” this salesperson explains.

The reporter encounters the young couple that depreciate to hearing and the room sees before ” of “ Mu Ming between example. “ every square metre fell 4000 yuan, do you say they fall possibly still? My psychological price is every square metre 923 still can accept. ” sees the reporter also sees a room, the woman accosts actively with the reporter. Although be meddlesome,“ depreciates, but how I feel to not be free from anxiety a bit, dropped 4000 yuan, let a person do not know where its bottom line is after all. ” also absolutely, see example, couple two express to the reporter, still look 11 during have more privilege to say again.
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