Difficult afterwards of real estate of the high end on Shanghai

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The property of Shanghai high end that considers as “ price fort generally ” also appears the price shakes evidence. The reporter investigates discovery, benevolence constant is front courtyard of a person of extraordinary powers of drive of river bank city, gentleman, far the building of downtown high end such as front courtyard of emerald green a person of extraordinary powers of apoplectic Hua Yuan, drive dish although quote still strong, but clinch a deal actually quantity and price already all fell apparently.

Be located in Pudong century park board piece river bank city rolls out benevolence constant at the beginning of August 150 flatlet source, opening price is 42400 ~ 42800 yuan / square metre, although already increased quoted price than the source of before one batch of rooms that rolled out on May 31.

However, shanghai bless power estate research center offers clinch a deal data shows, the source of 150 bridal chamber that rolled out in August clinchs a deal up to now 7, clinch a deal all valence is 36572 yuan only / square metre.

The still the calm in be located in Shanghai brings a district a person of extraordinary powers of different in approach but equally satisfactory in result curtilage far apoplectic Hua Yuan. Price already from open quotation 58000 yuan / square metre drops it is 42285 yuan / square metre.

Look from data, these downtown a person of extraordinary powers curtilage although appear on the market,quote rises somewhat, but clinch a deal actually price did not rise, still drop apparently even, already appeared slow-moving phenomenon.

Xue Jianxiong of director of research center of bless power estate expresses, shanghai a person of extraordinary powers curtilage project 7, August promote room cause newly, consult valence mirrorred development business generally to be in on the net 5, when application opened to booking licence June, anticipate to Shanghai estate market. But look generally as what the market anticipates to building city weak, the city after development business must be adjusted anticipates, reduce price usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price to cover in succession now.

And Central Plains real estate is newest those who release " high-grade apartment studied Shanghai first half of the year 2008 report " also show, shanghai price is in 20 thousand yuan / the high-grade apartment hire of square metre above year return rate is low already to 2.7% , compare a bank one year even period deposit is fiducial interest rate is low still. Although hold is high-grade what the person buy a house of property values more is a building is long-term appreciate space, but very apparent, buying high-grade apartment to raise the long-term investment that shifts ” in order to hire as “ at present is not the buying and selling of a be to one's profit.
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