Guiyang estate Fair clinchs a deal two days amount amounts to 150 million yuan

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Yesterday, the reporter understands from Fair of 2008 Guiyang estate, the room meets two days of time that can hold in province exhibition in, average house clinchs a deal measure 375, intentional client amounts to 8000 people. It is reported, the room hands in meeting general to concluded on September 15.

Show according to data of organizing committee statistic, end yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the room is handed in 375 average houses already went out via the sale on the meeting, clinch a deal area 42262 square metre, clinch a deal amount one hundred and fifty-five million three hundred and fifty thousand yuan, clinch a deal all valence is every square metre 3774 yuan. The spot is intentional client 7119, accumulative total arrives seek an amount 100 thousand person-time.

As we have learned, hand in in this second room in the meeting, culmination city is cast, city of Guizhou of the Guizhou that protect interest, landscape, wisdom dragon city a few are provided quite famous spent grail sale status is favorable, a few afore-mentioned buildings dish sale occupies a room to hand in meeting 2/3 of total sales. Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, the person that buy a house favors generally these buildings dish, drive a business with the room famous degree, the activity of the privilege that buy a house that promotes dish of quantity and spot to undertake currently is inseparable, as we have learned, the favourable activity that makes room of on the meeting a few brands open business to undertake in the light of the person that buy a house in the room is equivalent to only at ordinary times 92% of house price.

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