City of Nanjing office building building appears history on the biggest discount

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Lowest of world Mao Binjiang 75 fold the personage inside course of study to think, nanjing building city is large-scale depreciate to begin from now on probably

One square is cheap 559!

House price fell, this already was not news. And other places of Shenzhen of prep so far as, Guangzhou, house price plunges considerably in succession; Reach the city of river north building of Nanjing nearly, bright fold dark sending also is to be rolled out again and again. Can be in Nanjing advocate the building of the city

Dish, those who depreciate is little however little.

But yesterday, a volatile message is in Nanjing building city get about: Nanjing advocate the building of world Maobin river that the area involves below the city dish repair to a batch of clothbound showed a room to hit lowest sadly the 75 price that change, calculate come down, the cheapest want 8000 yuan only / square metre left and right sides! This action immediately is short of by the development business that the explanation inside course of study is “ model money cuts fleshy ” , more building city expert forecasts: Resemble depreciating substantially so, be in Nanjing building city to just just begin, there still perhaps is more miserable sacrificing oneself for a just cause from the back.

Is there much petty gain?

One square is cheap 559

Yesterday, citizen newspaper stuff says, the world Mao Binjiang that closes below began to depreciate, the house price that the selling office gives out hits folding length to spend very big! The reporter undertook investigating at this point.

“1 building the house of 2 buildings, 8000 yuan / the carry out since square metre; The house of 20 buildings, 10 thousand yuan / the carry out since square metre. New a tower over a city gate of ” world Mao Binjiang dish selling office personnel tells a reporter, the house is clothbound entirely repair show a house, the spot can see room lot make an appointment with.

Building of this carry out member say, monovalent 8000 yuan / the house a cycle of songs in a traditional opera of square metre is not much, it is 4 buildings that early days rolls out, cover model for the area the one room of 70 square metre; And monovalent 10 thousand yuan / the concentration of the carry out since square metre is in 5 buildings, it is the two rooms of 120 square metre, among them 10 thousand yuan / the 10 buildings house of square metre had been bought by the client, the cheapest now is a of 20 buildings, the price is 10500 yuan / square metre; In the meantime, roll out the still has 170 square metre 3 houses of special offer.

Look suddenly, house price also does not calculate petty gain. Carry out building member laughing at an explanation to say, the source of this nearly 20 flatlet that roll out, sold 17 thousand yuan for a time / of square metre all valence, now all valence has 11 thousand yuan only however / square metre. Before prepping according to 17 thousand yuan / the price of square metre, include to stick this pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange to hit to the person that buy a house fold wait for privilege, now 11 thousand yuan / the sale of square metre all valence, this building dish of discount lowest should be in 75 fold the left and right sides.
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