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Secondhand residential respect, before this year 7 months trade the area is two million and one thousand two hundred square metre, drop compared to the same period 69% . Secondhand the residence and build commodity housing to trade the scale of the area by 1.86 last year: 1 fall to 1.11: 1. Secondhand July the residence trades the area is three hundred and eighty-two thousand three hundred square metre, trade to still be compared low fan.

World China real estate studies chief inspector is like Xiaoping to express, 6, it is expected that the sale July glides, 4, depreciated May range is bigger, development business begins to take all sorts of sales promotion kind, pull move sale to pick up, and mix when sales promotion depreciate be accustomed to sth, or when the price is adjusted no longer, consumer can be immersed in a kind again wait-and-see the state of mind with not buy it.

From clinch a deal in light of the price, shenzhen building city presents a “ to ankylose ” condition, although sales volume glides fierce, but the price as before refuse to budge is in 12000 yuan / square metre left and right sides. Price of before this year 5 months drops substantially, skill residence all valence is compared apogee dropped last year 36% , drop to 11014 yuan / square metre, 6, July is appreciably picks up however, it is 11159 yuan respectively / square metre mixes 12387 yuan / square metre.

Battalion of city of courtyard of Shenzhen company division carries Gao Haiyan of research center director expresses, cannot judge the get warm again after a cold spell of Shenzhen building city with the microlitre of the price. He thinks, in low clinch a deal in the market of the quantity, the discretion of house price basically suffers trade structural influence, and because,the microlitre of Shenzhen house price is building of near future high end dish drive into city.

Olympic Games around deduces independence to go situation

To city of building of the Shenzhen after the Olympic Games go situation, gao Haiyan thinks, the Olympic Games is almost negligible to influence of Shenzhen building city not plan, shenzhen building city goes situation depend on circumstance of region market oneself.

Gao Haiyan points out, shenzhen consumer is truly wait-and-see with the fall after a rise that those who await is price of the house inside the special zone, of price of house of region of sex of inside Shanghaiguan index reduce ability to drive what Shenzhen building city clinchs a deal pick up quite. He thinks, because inside and outside of Shenzhen special zone is in,field of situation of infrastructure, transportation exists bigger difference, course of study of the buy outside the special zone cannot be satisfied from temporarily live guest living need, did not come two years in what with living oneself the guest gives priority to, of price of the house outside relying on a special zone only drop the get warm again after a cold spell that cannot drive Shenzhen building city to clinch a deal.
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