Estate business: 23 lines city develops latent capacity still considerable

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Ren Zhijiang discloses, hua Yuan real estate will return in the layout dimensions of 23 lines city henceforth can expand: Among them the land that in Qingdao and Xi'an two cities laid in program floor area to exceed 1.1 million square metre; Floor area of Changsha company program exceeds the land project of 800 thousand square metre to also undertaking pre-construction.

Rong Chengfa is exhibited (002146) the estate development that 23 lines city also devotes oneself to all the time since appearing on the market. Chen Jinhai of secretary of company board of directors expresses, generally speaking, development business lays in cost in the land of 23 lines city inferior, although look anteroom price fluctuates, profit still very considerable. Rong Chengfa exhibits a plan to be increased this year in the strength that has 23 lines city and target city to get a project, maintain the measurable dilate in these cities.

Chen Jinhai is analysed, small town stays in demand to take main body place oneself in, market competition is intense without big city at the same time; More important is, in development cycle of small town project is short, development capital demand is little, capital circumfluence is fast, can achieve higher capital turnover rate, increase gain capacity thereby.

City of benefit from benefit from changes a course

The scholar points out, the pattern that the city changes a course is to build up first, hind radiation; First big city, hind medium city. At present Chinese city changes degree to had been achieved 44% , and the city changes degree to be in 40%-60% when, mean enter the cycle that waits for a city by quiver of big city spoke in.

10 thousand real estate (600246) president Feng Lun says frankly, at present countrywide residence all valence the city of 8000 yuan of above, house price has a pulling force that be down. But in 23 lines city, because the city changes a course opposite slower, its tear open the element such as change, living improvement and town population growth to will still bring many housing demand, market space and big city photograph are compared still bigger.

Luck installs estate a high-level government public figure also thinks, as a result of the part the economy of 23 lines city increases rate already the city of a gleam of such as prep above Beijing, Shanghai, and potential consumptive faculty and the cognitive ability that high end consumes are promoting quickly, at present 23 line city estate of our country, especially the latent capacity that commercial real estate develops still very big.

Oriental negotiable securities studies the report points out, diffusion effect of city of our country center is increasing increasingly; Single center city on the space expand quickly and dilate general by city group the growing place that encircles with city is replaced; Our country will enter the phase with 23 lines fast and outspread city stage by stage.

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