Tianjin multi-core office market beginning to take shape the development of ne

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Weekly news from the evening economy, the next 1 to 3 years, the city office market will enter a new stage of development by leaps and bounds, there will be a lot of large-scale integrated, high-quality project to market. Typical projects include the South Beijing Road along the Hutchison Whampoa century city, New Town and so the wealth Xiaobailou shopping center, Union Square, etc. These projects are characterized by body mass, high-quality, comprehensive format projects are complex, but also more signs Sex. Another breakthrough in the traditional Nanjing Road, Xiaobailou and Friendship Road business district, many emerging areas of high-quality office buildings are also being built, and gradually beginning to take shape in the new business district, the office market is multi-core Development Show the balance of momentum. Old City area of grains Joy City, the Metropolitan Street Poly, Yanlord Riverside Plaza, R & F City three office buildings and other projects will also be in the next 1 to 3 years after another on the market, the region will become the office investment New hot spot. At the same time, global financial center along the Haihe River, Hopson International Tower, Kerry Center, South Station business district, CITIC Square, and the Binhai New Area, TEDA MSD central business district, business district and at the Xiangluowan After the completion of the financial services area Jiabao will also become the new value of the Grade A office market growth. In the next 10 years, with the Tianjin in North China, the Bohai Rim Economic Circle in the core position, and the overall economic development of Tianjin city, business trends, will attract a large number of newly approved foreign-funded enterprises stationed in Owned giants to enter and the expansion and improvement of local enterprises, the office has brought unprecedented opportunities. After a period of expected market awareness and project competition, consumers will be more willing to accept high-quality projects, and to bear more of whom rent or price.

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