Shanghai office building is secondhand building city 38 board piece drop century

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Secondhand room market is being entered adjust in the round period. Shanghai is secondhand in August house price index is announced, relatively annulus comparing dropped in July at 11 o'clock, drop for 0.45% . This is Shanghai secondhand room index since October 2006, all previous drops via after 22 months rise, reemerging.

August, shanghai is secondhand room market falls in the case that throws dish of emerge in large numbers, even more 7 appear into region house price different level falls. Professional orgnaization thinks, since the four seasons was spent last year wait-and-see mood lasts to was not retreated, clinch a deal quantity gradually atrophic, bring about cast dish increase considerably, ” of the estate on “ net is secondhand the room hangs out his shingle the quantity breaks through 120 thousand, and market of the corresponding period continues ability is weaker, cannot continue to prop up perch dish full value, because this price begins a now,drop.

According to statistic, 52 in sampling board piece in, 38 give now to drop, drop on average 1.22% . Among them, drop of more than 3% have 4 board piece, for century park, collect hill, 3 Lin Hehong bridge board piece. Among them, century park board piece drop bigger, for 3.48% ; 3 Lin Ban piece appears to drop continuously, dropped in August for 3.14% .

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