Shanghai in May more than 30 new dish of blowout

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  Shanghai building city is added newly supply begin somewhat to the limit of one's capacity, clinch a deal the quantity also continues to rise

Draw near May, shanghai building city is added newly supply begin somewhat to the limit of one's capacity, clinch a deal the quantity also continues to rise. Yesterday, the newest report that research center of bless power estate issues shows, last week (on April 21 - 27 days) Shanghai commodity house (room of resettlement of form a complete set of skill residence eliminate, similarly hereinafter) clinch a deal measured annulus comparing to grow 17.74% , for two hundred and sixty-nine thousand five hundred square metre.

Research center of bless power estate expresses, rise what the quantity clinchs a deal by April stage by stage, main profit from is the closest two Zhou Xin is added supply to the limit of one's capacity. Among them, partial “90/70” project is to be chased after more hold in both hands.

Greeted open quotation height in May

“ looks from the circumstance that masters at present, open a floor newly May dish have 31 at least, this is current data only, push record amount actually to be more than this number for certain. ” bless power Xue Jianxiong of director of estate research center expresses.

Opening Lou Panzhong newly, loose river area 5, min travel area 4, new developed area of area length peace, Xu Hui area, Pudong each 3, rainbow mouth area, general Tuo area, brake north area, treasure mountain area each 2, yellow riverside area, Yang Pu area, fine calm area, south collect area, Qing Pu area each 1. Among them, pure apartment project 22, pure villatic project 4, the mixture project that villa and apartment, apartment and business handle 5.

In new in May open quotation, about the half distributings inside outer link line, high grade project is more, the high grade building inside many core dish also ” of “ embark upon a political venture.

All through the ages was the busy season of Shanghai building city May, the data of research center of bless power estate shows, the commodity house May 2006 clinchs a deal the quantity is as high as two million one hundred and forty-six thousand eight hundred square metre, for in those days each month clinchs a deal of the quantity most; In May 2007, whole town clinchs a deal in all commodity house two million three hundred and forty-two thousand five hundred square metre, be next to the Shanghai monthly of two million six hundred and forty-five thousand seven hundred square metre is highest in June clinch a deal quantity.

“4 month second half paragraph since, each project rolls out room source in succession, demonstrative majority develops business expectation to be able to obtain better sale outstanding achievement what shortly will come in May. ” Xue Jianxiong expresses.

   “90/70” project sell like hot cakes
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