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Began “ blowout ” July from last year inferior abstruse board piece, it is the one large window of capital floor city all the time, world luxuriant abstruse face a garden, 10 thousand amount to village of big lake residence, media to wait inferior abstruse building dish already to the limit of one's capacity source of thousands of flatlet. Many bridal chamber source also makes inferior of abstruse building city secondhand room market is very active.

House price rises lack of power

According to Beijing Central Plains 3 class market studies the statistical data of the ministry shows, inferior abstruse board piece in high-grade and secondhand value of commodity house transaction carries the state that rise all the time after the Spring Festival passed this year in Feburary, but go up however the month sees hasten delay. Inferior abstruse board piece in secondhand the transaction value of high-grade goods room 3 - the annulus May parts than increasing a cost for 2.66% , 2.27% with 0.29% . And from go up in light of, the float below April 0.39% , the float below May 1.98% .

Investigate its reason, because get the immediate impact of the Olympic Games, inferior abstruse board piece building of numerous chief commander of course of study is used at renting, and take no account of temporarily sell, bring about the inadequacy that deal house source measures thereby, the situation that demand exceeds supply makes inferior abstruse board piece secondhand March in high-grade goods room rises in price apparent.

Draw near as the Olympic Games with each passing day however, people begins to be made to the building city change after the Olympic Games forecast, the owner that one part thinks the price of real estate after the Olympic Games can drop chooses to sell a house before the Olympic Games, although clinch a deal,the price wants than what he anticipates a few lower, but as a result of primitive the value that buy a house is inferior, accrual still belongs to acceptable range, facilitated thereby of the building clinch a deal, and May clinch a deal to belong to this kind more, accordingly, also be with respect to expression the price rose May faint.

Data still shows, inferior abstruse board piece secondhand May in of project of high-grade goods room clinch a deal all valence is thirteen thousand five hundred yuan / square metre. Specific have each again to each project different, be like the project of wind forest oasis inside area, may clinch a deal all valence is nineteen thousand five hundred yuan / square metre left and right sides; Ou Liu is classical the project clinched a deal May all valence is fifteen thousand two hundred yuan / square metre left and right sides.

Short-term hire soares

Look from the market that rent, from the Spring Festival before sadly active short hire a phenomenon, drove inferior abstruse board piece individual in high-grade project is short those who hire hire rise considerably. Annulus comparing is short March hired hire to rise of 5.7% , 4 - May short hire hire annulus to be worth than rising for 0.45% with 0.34% . Can see from this, draw near as the Olympic Games with each passing day, short the annulus that hires hire than rising extent is leaving surplus however.
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