Financing of room look forward to again and again suffocate suffocate

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Cash of most room look forward to flows face difficulty

One came from the research report inside course of study to point out a few days ago, this year, gap of capital of industry of our country house property is as high as 710 billion yuan, cash of most landed company flows state can concern.

Senior analysis personage points out an estate: “ took the enterprise of the ground to facing the pressure of gold of paid land sell one's own things at high price last year, came to will be become in September this year in July numerous in ” of a of small development business important node.

Meng Xiaosu of room group director thinks in, as a result of according to at present policy asks, room look forward to has ability of all and paid money paid for something purchased or received for something sold to obtain the document such as land card only, ability start working is built, ability can apply for bank loan; If the industry clinchs a deal the quantity is irretentive, building city cannot get warm again after a cold spell, came in July September will be development when business capital catenary is the most nervous, a few in small development business, especially 3 quarters rash advance took item of the ground, existing sale last year little company, will face stern test.

Pan Shige also shows president of banquet of SOHO China couplet again and again, estate company is appearing large-scale the phenomenon that defaults gold of land sell one's own things, be washed out finally likely without the enterprise of sales revenue by the market.

In fact, even if the must transfer this plot in order to exceed low this year choice after the bibcock industry of real estate bound also appeared to take the land at high price. How does Guo Taijun analyse a personage to point out, 10 thousand divisions take ground defray and commodity house sale to drop compared to the same period this year 10% reach sale market to have rate fall for the hypothesis of 3% , even if issues 5.9 billion yuan of debenture smoothly, forecast budgetary estimate capital to also return meeting occurrence breach this year, making over land is helpless it seems that medium inevitable.

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