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Shenzhen bridal chamber clinchs a deal last week appear to hand in annulus of a cycle of songs in a traditional opera, area, amount to compare considerably reductive situation. The monitoring data that comes from office of system of Chinese estate index shows, came on May 19 on May 25, house of whole town commodity clinchs a deal total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 833, average day clinchs a deal 119, annulus comparing decreases 33.47% .

The personage inside course of study expresses, new dish of sale is dispirited, demonstrative whole all valence and consumer psychology anticipate still have difference, wait-and-see mood still compares the market grumous, plus the near future new project is less, and privilege of sale brunt project decreases or cancel in carry out, integral quote rebounds, bring about clinch a deal the quantity decreases considerably.

"House price continues to drop inevitable "

According to statistic of our newspaper reporter, south a mountainous area there will be 3 June new dish into city, add still two are in carry out building dish will choose follow-up unit, add up to will 1369 new products enter town. The report that comes from world couplet points out at the same time, at present Na Shancun measures Lou Pangao to amount to 750 thousand square metre, second half of the year is new dish of sale pressure is enormous.

In fact, south a mountainous area a reduction that awkward situation just faces before a list of things of city of whole Shenzhen building, the area case such as dragon hillock area, Baoan area is likewise good do not go where, huge market puts an amount, adscititious second half of the year is more giant add newly supply, plus likewise giant secondhand the room puts an amount, make the sale foreground of second half of the year of Shenzhen new building nots allow hopeful. A report of Central Plains real estate points out, at present whole town can be digested for the skill house that sell period at least 10 months, residence of skill of 5-12 month whole town predicts to 5.91 million square metre is added newly this year supply, "Predict to did not come to the Shenzhen inside 8 months competition of residence of major area skill will be very intense, house price continues to drop will inevitable. House price continues to drop will inevitable..

The policy of countrywide money banking with likely second half of the year goes situation, also cheated a shadow to building city. A few days ago, coulee of week of Central Bank president expresses, what at present monetary policy cares more is the question that opposes inflationary aspect. Chinese inflation pressure is at present greater, be not is the result that food of food price, flesh rises in price only, house price rises also is main factor, it urged as steely related to house price, housing materials, electric power, carry, standard of mine product equivalence rises, below the policy cause that opposes inflationary " in " , from tight policy orientaton won't be changed, estate adjusting control is impossible to loosen.
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