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The ministry goes to economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences beautiful investigation group released a report to think a few days ago, cannot excessive depend onEstateCourse of study is pulled move economic growth. The sort of height depended on real estate to pull in the past use the economic growth, method that regards local government as one of main income source gold of land sell one's own things especially, may screwy local government is in economic developing action, screwy economy grows pull use an ingredient, increase element cost prematurely, reduce integral competition ability of economy, cause social contradiction even.

This report is released very in time. Really, our country is existing serious dependence real estate pulls the appearance that uses economic growth. Current, our country economy is added fast put delay, expert analysis thinks, a main reason is decline of house property investment, because, our country estate has become the main force that or so economy grows. Estate serves as the “ with technical extremely low content to change ” industry hollowly, be become to make the pillar property that economy grows, still be treated as to help the main force that uses economic growth, this is dangerous. Estate market is small nowadays fan, the economic progress of a few places also turns low fan, live to protect then the growth of finance income, a few local government help estate develop business secretly, this is unwise.

Before this, real estate is fervent, in southeast coastal some develops province, almost all province dependency have big company be engaged in estate developing, and the proportion that the profit of estate takes gross profit is very large. Many entrepreneur say, had done estate, other fund did not want to earn. An elder estate observes the home still says, the ” of effect of “ quick buck of estate, the economic lifeblood that rectifying a China in bewitch slips to move restlessly disturbed cruel rich trap. House price of China is achieved hard pilot degree, estate develops business round abdomen of each earn waist bilges, this benefit policy develops residential construction as pillar industry. However, we must say, the insanity of estate develops, driving a few people upstart at the same time, also can develop continuously for Chinese economy bury played hidden trouble. The expert says, the deformation of real estate develops, actually modernization of implicit Home You Guanguo develops major strategy problem of overall situation.

Imagine very hard, one has the big country of enough competition ability, power in the world, its rise abruptly those who lean is not science and technology, industrial, education, build the “ in real estate to flourish however over flourishing ” . The United States before pillar industry is railroad, iron and steel, oil, plane and automobile manufacturing industry, now is spaceflight, Information Industry. Japan relied on car, electron, optics and computer industry to lay foundation of world economy second, realized a country to revive. And we are the real estate that claims development business to be wealthy person “ to build house ” only regarded as however pillar industry, real pillar estate is ignored instead. The swift and violent development of real estate, what can drive is the huge loss of coal, iron and steel, land only, won't exciting science and technology progresses.
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