Project of golden ground Hangzhou introduces Swiss credit

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Collect endowment does not exceed 8.5 billion yuan after adding hair plan to fold halberd, jindeji is round (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) (600383.SH) is seeking new financing way all the time according to established strategy. Zhao Hanzhong of this group executive vice president is right a few days ago " daily of the first finance and economics " divulge: The company has knocked the item that introduces Swiss credit to invest golden ground Hangzhou surely, probably scale of every project share is 20% , in the meantime, this company is current in Nanjing dimensions the biggest residence project also is in discuss the job that introduces foreign capital fund. Below the austere condition that shows city, zhao Hanzhong says the company is growing area of trigonometry and other places to won't get new lot this year.

   By way of foreign capital

The practice that introduces foreign capital actively is in add hair golden land is made after sufferring a defeat the grand opera that financing of nearly one phase works.

This year on July 10, golden land group undertook adjustment to adding hair program, plan to issue do not exceed 720 million, amount demarcate is in collect capital not to exceed 8.5 billion yuan, the development construction that is used at 15 real-estate project invests and repay project loan. A setting that Jindezeng sends plan to refer is: This year first half of the year, coronal city is big (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) (glow of 600067.SH) , dwell is built (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) (600533.SH) and action business real estate (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) (000024.SZ)A add hair obtain smoothly in succession batch.

At the beginning of August, golden land group has a bank to award letter forehead to spend many yuan 200, among them untapped about 6 billion yuan, the use principle of financing of group of land of gold of second half of the year is afore-mentioned foreheads are applied to spend below the condition that maintains financial stability. Additional, the land money that at present golden land group did not pay is 1.9 billion yuan about, the company predicts this year before the end of the year will OK by consultative plan these money paid. And open hair is overruled to make all right this company needs fibrous root occupies oneself demand reasonable adjust investment dimensions and investment time.

According to the data that national statistic bureau publishs, 2008 the 2nd quarter, countrywide estate develops the fund that the enterprise obtains from domestic loan to have 170.3 billion yuan only, than dropped first quarter 28% , but, use foreign capital 24 billion yuan, compare however grow 126% first quarter. Final result is, continue in credit constrictive under, business of development of the 2nd quarter reachs the designated position actually capital is compared grow 8% first quarter.
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