Lou Zhongfu: The hour with wide the most difficult mansion has gone

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  The industry upgrades batch wanting cent

" daily of the first finance and economics " : We understand, zhejiang is loosening the money to medium and small businesses, support that provides a few loan at present, include small credit respect also is innovating. The government has realized, should help industry cushion external concussion?

Lou Zhongfu: It is to be being changed really, but real problem is not here, the key is at the beginning when everybody carries transition, promotion, did not care truly how to help a company, arrived money takes occurrence issue of close, company, just publish these policy. I think, in the process that publishs policy, want to respect the actual condition of Chinese enterprise, 2 it is to should yield transition of medium and small businesses, promotion, should improve what policy.

Regard Zhejiang as entrepreneur, I am to the government very appreciate, the level that government of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, province values after industry occurrence problem and subsidize rate, I consider as honest, provided a good environment to us.

" daily of the first finance and economics " : According to your understanding to business of short for Zhejiang Province, need how long time, does ability realize from treatment, assemble model is exit oriented the brand that transfers to there are oneself slowly, attract inside need, of technical content rise?

Lou Zhongfu: I think to want to tell from two respects: The first is business of short for Zhejiang Province can arrive today, ego is adjusted, the capacity that ego increases is very strong. The 2nd, want complete transition, I think difficulty is very great, because some are small enterprise itself energy is insufficient, for instance service, treatment enterprise. The industry upgrades and transition, batch wanting cent divides measure to undertake, go turning slowly, I feel this may need 10 years even more time.

   ” has gone when “ is the most difficult

" daily of the first finance and economics " : We understand, you had realized from 2002 external environment begins change, realize enterprise oneself also has a lot of problems at the same time, do you await what the problem of oneself of enterprise of battalion of the countryman in feeling highlights to a few there are in those days?

Lou Zhongfu: The question with civilian battalion the biggest company has only, namely problem of system, mechanism, because droit is too clear, own advantageous position is too large, restrict insufficient, although a lot of moment have the standard of the system, but still often be error go up in feeling and face.

" daily of the first finance and economics " : Besides system change, you also speak of wide mansion accusing adjusting strategic position, whether introduce in detail?

Lou Zhongfu: 2004, I say with 17 banks in silver-colored inspect bureau, I put a palm over, every asset is a finger, if do bad to come down with respect to behead, but do not have behead till now, much instead two, one is Shanghai Ming Kai, much still dock of the sources of energy of hill of a boat. Wide mansion accuses a 60 thousand person to make the production value of 4489, although we compare this paragraph of time tired, but by the fundamental —— of wide mansion we still have a lot of high grade capital fund, for instance the equity of financial orgnaization and answered ability, discover in time and solve a problem, still can spend difficulty.
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