World luxuriant estate sale target is reduced 20%

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In building city

World luxuriant estate expresses, add 4 land that before last half an year acquires, the land reserve of the group can build total floor area to amount to 26.4 million square metre about, enough future 6 use to what develop 7 years, because this begins to already put delay to raise the rate that land lays in from the beginning of the year, the ability when wanting to wait for earthy terrestrial pole to have investment get one's own back considers denounce endowment to increase land to lay in.

As a result of the world luxuriant estate and world of luxuriant share recombine a plan already at going up the month obtains Chinese card inspect to be able to be approved, world luxuriant the Hong Kong that estate will become first as a way of to produce infuse means to enter field of A stock market appears on the market outback room look forward to. World luxuriant estate anticipates this to recombine can bring the blame without examine and verify for the group regular accrual makes an appointment with 1.17 billion yuan, net indebted rate also but by current 43% fall to 40% above, can extend financing channel and the flexibility that add financial aspect.

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