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Talk ” to be counter-purchased to drive of equity of 10 thousand divisions from “ inflection point cause ” of door of “ share price, rich guest of Wang Shi causes ” of “ contribution door, this year depreciates once more cause “ to retreat Fang Chao ” , article of a net lifts ” of incident of “ Song Shanhu later, experience of this year can encircle 10 thousand divisions can nod.

On September 19, yu Liang of general manager of 10 thousand branches expresses to media, the method with “ industry best crisis still relies on to save oneself, it is good to rely on benefit impossibly all the time give aid to. ”

It is under phenomenon of bubbling with noise 10 thousand divisions, firm ground is carrying out 10 thousand divisions to learn Paerdi the strategy, depreciate quickly make its master an industry first machine, reclaimed quickly partial capital. Be in profit record that the Paerdi in borrowing the crisis ended to be as long as 56 years, dimensions risk also brings 10 thousand divisions a new challenge likewise.

   Depreciate measure —— clinchs a deal quantity

The media September 19 meets on the meeting, yu Liang is rightEstateThe prospective foreground of the industry expresses high-key confidence, this is after talking ” from inflection point of Wang Shi “ , 10 thousand divisions adjust the statement that judges to the market actively first.

Policy of “ macroscopical adjusting control returns rational orbit ” eventually through adjustment of 5 years, wait for a respect from macroscopical index and financial safety, yu Liang expresses, although real-estate industry has difficulty, but won't bigger than difficulty of industry of present manufacturing industry, milk.

10 thousand divisions respond to the problem that whether continues to depreciate without the front. Executive vice-president is like Li complement to express, whether do 10 thousand divisions depreciate measure clinchs a deal in “ quantity ” .

Xiao Li says, 10 thousand divisions of “ the adjustment of first time is to was in Shenzhen last year, why can you take the lead in depreciating? Because see at that time,be clinch a deal quantity substantially atrophic, so the adjustment of 10 thousand divisions is to be based on pair of markets to clinch a deal the judgement of the quantity. ”

  How to calculate the measure of 10 thousand divisions?

In July 2007, annulus of area of sale of Shenzhen skill room drops than June 15.32% , in August 2007 criterion annulus drops again than July 30.93% . Secondhand the room trades the quantity also began to drop considerably in August, annulus dropped than July 26.39% . Subsequently, shenzhen residence trades the quantity is comprehensive and atrophic.

10 thousand divisions are grabbed take the lead in depreciating before other development business. On October 20, 2007, 10 thousand inflict the Jin Yudong county of 10 thousand divisions that 7500 yuan low rolled out every square metre to be located in area of Shenzhen dragon hillock, 475 first open quotation accused carry out exhaust namely that day. And at that time, the building of dragon hillock area dish unit price is controlled in 10 thousand yuan at least. The corresponding period, trade likewise atrophic Guangzhou, on December 9, 10 thousand divisions of Guangzhou are aureate Kang Yuan, open quotation all valence every square metre 13 thousand yuan, draw scare buying of Guangzhou citizen the same night queueing up.
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