Bright red Feng Bo: Call the protracted battle that wins Beijing sun city

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10 years, his diligent in an attempt to developed a project only; Rely on a project merely, he initiated the development mode of senile residence property. He is the world of the “ that be called by owner the estate of Beijing sun city of ” of the first dutiful son develops berth of Zhu Feng of limited company president.

On July 23, name of reporter group admire is headed for be located in Beijing prosperous to make the same score Ou Xiaoshang hill to be in the intelligence that has demonstrative sex to change city of sun of Beijing of —— of community of provide for the aged to interview. Should speak of to play golf inadvertently, bright red Feng Bo appears very excited: “ hits golf to be like life: It gives you joy, also bring you anguish; It can make you cheerful, also make you depressed. Had hit one lever ball, very wonderful like life same; Hit bad, be just like the setback of life. Hit how be faced bad, it is to abandon still thinking good strategy will issue one lever to had been hit, these be pregnant with are worn the philosophic theory of life. ”

Simple speech, gave bright red Feng Bo to run from opposite directions fully send item of Beijing sun city comprehend. So, be full of the home of close affection and love so, having rear what kind of miserable and touch? What did he harvest from which? What kind of ambition does he still have?

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Bright red Feng Bo, unripe 1957, economic division.

Post: Estate of city of sun of Beijing of president of group of development of China business economy develops Beijing treasure family name limited company president

Industry of the aged of standing director China grows foundation of progress of career of Chinese the aged committee chairman

Experience: 1975, enter the 2nd cotton spinning of Beijing to knit a factory to become an average worker;

1976, devote into public security career, become the punishment detect cadre that public security of Beijing public security bureau is in;

1988, abdication is in business;

1995, take up the post of Beijing treasure family name president of group of development of China business economy;

2000 up to now, take up the post of estate of Beijing sun city to develop limited company president.

Hobby: Golf, calligraphy

  1, the knot of filial piety chanting folk tales to the accompaniment of simple percussion instruments of senile real estate

To owner general Zhu Feng berth calls “ the world the beauty of ” of the first dutiful son praise, the reporter has hear of early. When to Zhu Feng berth alludes, he says not without modest ground: “ this one laurel is the praise that changes regression to Xiao Daowen, not be the praise to my individual. He says ” , our the Chinese nation has the civilization 5000 history, xiao Daowen changes the content that is core, but so old, we change Xiao Daowen undone, when filial piety path culture is returned to socially, the old person can feel.
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