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  ChinaEstateZhu Zhong of association vice-chairman, secretary-general discloses, in room assist concerned leader submit a written statement to a higher authority to the State Council a few days ago an estate policy adjusts a proposal, get the State Council concerns the leader's attention.

In room assist policy suggests advocate tone is a change “ is at present severe the policy of estate adjusting control of ” , instead “ controls ” moderately. Specific policy includes: Allow local government proper motion to help city; Reduce estate to trade concerned tax rate; Encourage perfective housing demand; Strengthen function of estate early warning system to wait. In room assist say “ has hope the policy proposal this year can get adoption ” .

  In room assist “ acts in a play ” is talked

In room assist ” of “ submit a written statement to a higher authority perhaps is a play

◆ Li Yingchun (every classics news analyst)

In room assist the information that secretary-general Zhu Zhong shows fully, caused great attention of the netizen not only, is new round of debate.

Although a lot of people think, it is discussion estate far from at present when helping city, but the very much opinion on public affairs that help city still passes media expression to come out time and again, have the suspicion of promiscuous seeing and hearing more very much among them. The view of one is in Zhu Zhong crucially, suggesting itself, and depend on believing to suggest to be able to be adopted by decision-making layer. If be “ strengthens ” of function of estate early warning system to be adopted,had fallen, if “ changes the estate policy ” of ‘ severe ’ to be adopted, how can people look? Zhu Zhong the opinion on public affairs of one, with a lot of experts save city to build character to have very big distinction, he is to be in with a kind clever, covert, reliability extremely high fashion releases policy to anticipate. This increased people to discern the difficulty of true bogus, can disturbed on certain level market anticipates normally, influence the judgement of the person that buy a house potentially. Make partial person is in the acceptance that is without safeguard finally, be covered by building city prison.

To estate market, want thinking recognition only, the opinion on public affairs of those promiscuous seeing and hearing, no matter wearing what kind of jacket, can show blame reason, the sth gives the trick out from benefit. At present rational judgement is, do not have a consideration to help the condition of city and factual base. The policy of estate adjusting control of “ severe ” was not necessary to become loose.
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