Zhang Xin of SOHO China president: Estate company already did not have financing

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Zhang Xin of SOHO China president: Estate company already did not have financing channel

Get newly with the 2nd when message message sponsors by world economy forum army person annual meeting (call “ summer to amount to ”) of Wo Si forum to came 28 days to be held in Tianjin seaside new developed area on September 27 again. On September 27, forum begins formally the first day, invite Zhang Xin of president of banquet of couplet of SOHO China limited company to accept exclusive interview with dispatch net.

Residential real estate depreciates not to affect commercial real estate to rise in price

With dispatch net: Ms. Zhang hello! Other now land agent is in do depreciate sales promotion, SOHO China is gone against in this moment however situation rise in price, ask you to give tell for what is telling this?

Zhang Xin: Actually the situation of whole estate is such, the residence is inside countrywide limits, especially big city, be in depreciate. But the commercial real estate of Beijing center or the investor that have a lot of want to buy. Appear commercial real estate and the two class become divided with landed residence, actual because the capital of investor does not have other place,be, emerged to commercial real estate to come up now. They can deliver fund on stock market previously, but stock market is not very stable now, foreign currency now also is not extraordinary stability, keep very high inflation all the time plus China. Think when them capital is put when a place that has growth, chose commercial real estate.

We add valence to do not have other reason actually, want to buy because of a lot of people namely. Below this kind of circumstance, the price should reflect demand. So everybody can see depreciate in the different sound that we saw in sound, but this was to reflect true condition really.

With dispatch net: When interviewing a personage inside course of study this morning, the impact that although commerce is landed,he says to get is less than residential market far, but because of a lot of abroad cast the commercial real estate that also invested China all right, the demand that because they may have financial crisis to change now,shows, so can commercial real estate also get a few concussion? And you rise in price this, also matter with this reason?

Zhang Xin: Of average overseas cast do commercial real estate all right, it is buy a few buildings, and Chinese investor is to do not have so much money to buy a few buildings, unless be the orgnaization investor of insurance company and so on. Individual investor wants to buy, buy a building namely at most, perhaps buy 5, 6 business shop. Such since, when commercial real estate of abroad sells, also do not want to cut came loose to sell, but the money that there is so much on Chinese hand, so their building the ground sells do not go out, and we a such one layer ground sells very good sell.
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