Li Zhaoji of magnate of Hong Kong estate: Read closely question to offspring is

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Li Zhaoji of chairman of limited company of real estate of Heng Jizhao property of magnate of Hong Kong estate, Hong Kong, after attending ” of library of Li Zhaoji of Fudan University “ to name the ceremony that uncover a shop sign a few days ago, when accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, express, he has hope very much to estate market of inland, the city after be opposite special value.

Li Zhaoji expresses, short-term for, the wait-and-see attitude that buys the home will be stronger, but estate market of inland is valued in the long run. He points out, it is OK that the 10 ” of “ Jin Jiuyin that can see the arrival on the horse are sold to the limit of one's capacity. “ demand still is some, if city of the stock market, building compares stability, buy the home to be able to be at ease quite buy a house. ” Li Zhaoji expresses, the economic growth of city of the stock market, building and national policy and international, home is relative, and oneself or blame often value estate market of inland.

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