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The Central Bank announced a few days ago state of affairs of investigation of questionnaire of depositor of town of whole nation of the 3rd quarter showed 2008, the dweller number that 3 months plan to buy a house holds future than for 13.3% , respectively than going up the quarter is mixed the corresponding period dropped last year 1.8 with 2.8 percent, achieve the lowermost level since beginning this investigation 1999. (On September 23 " daily economy news " )

No matter be Central Bank findings, still be the relevant data such as ” of index of boom of “ country house, all without exception shows building city continues to adjust even. Look, those expect building city instantly the development business of get warm again after a cold spell and the partial place department that saving city to the utmost, companion goes low as the apiration that buy a house will more disappointed.

Hope to see “ buys room intention 10 years least of all of lowermost ” is local government of part of —— of the clique that help city and development business, but also have no alternative. This shows building city still needs deepness to adjust, help city at present too agog. If buy room apiration to continue,go low, although publish “ to help city continuously,make ” , look difficult also in the author see the effect. Want to know, the apiration that buy a house goes low, chief reason is to buy room person to lose confidence to building city, building city confronted credit crisis.

Before building city is adjusted, almost all sorts of sound will rise continuously in allusive house price; Price of together with house is successive a few years mad go up, it seems that test and verify “ goes up not to drop only of ” magical. That is to say, building city lacks risk clew, make the consumption before buying Fang Renchao, excessive spending. House price fell now, the person that buy a house must wait for generation to oppugn to developing business.

Actually, the person that buy a house continues wait-and-see it is right choice. Since develop business to be opposite house price self-distrust, the choice depreciates sale, the person that buy a house is natural also with respect to self-distrust, buy room tomorrow probably to drop now. And, a variety of land, credit, evidence that ensure the respect such as sexual housing show the central meaning that did not loosen macroscopical adjusting control.

Market economy is credit economy actually. Accordingly, the method that helps city is to restore to buy room person faith, is not supportive development business. And want to restore to buy room person faith, the key is to want reductive a true building city, make the person that buy a house rational consume; Development business should become honest trader, is not the trader that becomes flicker; Local government should stabilize room value actively.

Next, the apiration that buy a house 10 years lowest also is concerned with economic big environment. A few years this when house price rises quickly, also be economy a few years of flying growth, but global economy appears now decline, the person that buy a house should adjust his consumption necessarily or invest a plan. The dweller invests apiration to drop, bank deposit makes the dweller's first selection again, farther also confirm cautious attitude of the public.
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