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Office building of apartment of bethel business affairs

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Basic message
What belong to trade group: Acquired Heibei
Decorate a state: Decorate completely
Building category: Office building apartment
Property address: North of highway of Guangzhou of area of the Milky way 1421 bethel edifice
Traffic situation: 3 lines subway opens shortly 836, 19, 862, 862B, 296, 18, 560, 804, 804A, 241, 219, 232, 504, 833, 56, 179, 17, station of 16 wintersweet garden gets off
Develop business: Guangzhou bethel estate develops limited company
Selling office address: Guangzhou highway north 1421 bethel edifice
Hire / carry out phone: I want 87270632 87270686 [error correction]

Payment: Hire: 108 yuan / month
08 yuan / month

Historical price: Clock is hired / carry out all valence is hired / carry out maximum price is hired / description of price of carry out minimum price
1 2008-9-12- - up to now hire: 108 yuan / month

Open quotation time: 2008-09-01
Floor area: 4318 square metre
Floor state: In all 9

Sell a telephone call: 87270632 87270686
Establishment of form a complete set
Circumjacent form a complete set: Communication of office building of apartment of bethel double entry business affairs is easy, multichannel bus all can arrive directly. The train east station, wide 9 stations, subway station (enlightened shortly) be in nearly very close 10 minutes car Cheng can arrive at Pa continent to be able to exhibit a center, distance new airport leaves 35 minutes of run only. Office building of apartment of bethel double entry business affairs is located in the core that business of boreal the Milky way encircles; Border bethel silver, inn of bethel of fashionable general merchandise, wide 10 thousand goods, happy buy store of bethel of supermarket, Kendeji, Mcdonald's, surely win footprint of inn of the Holy land of hotel of the cabinet of guest, green mattress, chain that be like the home, celestial being Lin Sheng ground inn, Li Meijian;

Project introduction
Office building of apartment of Guangzhou bethel double entry business affairs is development of limited company of development of Guangzhou bethel estate, the office building of first class of double entry of business affairs apartment that management limited company of property of Guangzhou its acute manages, with whole town initiate door model characteristic, appropriate business appropriate resides maturity of form a complete set, what market travel industry, meal, recreation is an organic whole is brand-new apartment of type of business affairs hotel. Repose at the foot of a mountain of Guangzhou city white cloud, border Bai Yunshan, see situation of white cloud hill, breathe the pure and fresh ion that lose oxygen, the scenery is perfect be too busy, all enjoy the distinctive mode between office person house and zoology. The establishment of form a complete set of astral class hotel that has a color alone standard kitchen toilet fashionable office furniture is waited a moment, form a complete set is perfect, provide the easy environment that appropriate business appropriate ranks for you. Apartment has luxurious apartment, standard inner room in all in all 41, have the advanced assembly room that can hold 100 people. Offer sanitation of cleanness of person specially assigned for a task, change catharsis things, bedding, wash clothes iron very hot wait for a service, provide high grade and easy office environment for you; Provide astral class service for you, make you relaxed buy course of study, enjoy the life.
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