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Protect benefit world trade centre

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Basic message
What belong to trade group: Pa continent
Decorate a state: Decorate completely
Property address: Pa of sea bead area continent
Traffic situation: A person's mind of continent nucleus of Pa of city of Guangzhou of male crouch of trade centre of the world that protect interest paragraph, be located in to the international exhibition center, north faces new harbor east road, hua Na of line of mainstay of city of program of Ke Shunda vicinity is fast big bridge of trunk, Pa continent, with wide deep high speed, wide Buddha high speed and wide benefit high speed, form fast and convenient stereo transportation network. Be apart from the airport to be less than half hour car Cheng. The project loses a direct subway exit of continent station of 2 lines Pa, take the subway to be able to arrive at Guangzhou inside 20 minutes east station, the railway station reachs inside half an hour, receive refute Shenzhen and Hong Kong quickly.
Develop business: Guangzhou city protects benefit nation trade to invest limited company relevant website
Hire / carry out phone: 020-89236111 020-89236688

Open quotation time: 2000-01-01
Start date: 2000-1-1
Enter time: 2000-01-01
Date of completion: 2000-1-1
Floor area: 500000 square metre

Establishment of form a complete set
Circumjacent form a complete set: Big public house of lira of center of exhibition of conference of international of intercontinental hotel, Guangzhou, sweet case

Project introduction
Trade centre of the world that protect interest protects benefit nation trade to invest limited company to invest a priority discipline of build for Guangzhou city, pa continent area will be become to have international first-rate after project building the meeting of advanced level exhibits synthesis of form a complete set. Project total floor area exceeds 500 thousand M2, the floor area on the ground is 370 thousand M2. The project presses international top-ranking standard design, among them ninety-four thousand eight hundred M2 reads extensively house, have 4020 international standard to exhibit, can hold of all kinds international large exhibit meeting; Ad hoc brand of ninety-two thousand five hundred M2“lifestyle” shows a house, offer a brand to reveal a special zone for domestic and international well-known company. In addition, the project returns form a complete set 45 thousand M2 reveals hotel of class of star of apartment of international of type of hotel of sexual office building, eighty-four thousand eight hundred M2, 60 thousand M2 to wait, let a client all enjoy exhibition, conference, office, meal, recreation one-stop convenience.

The project will be divided period carry out, first phase is read extensively house, 2 period reveal a house to reach for the brand show sexual office building, 3 period reach international boarding house for hotel of 5 stars class. As Pa continent meeting exhibits business to encircle project of ” of “ ground king, trade centre of the world that protect interest will depend on the actual strength of advantageous situation and oneself, make a China first meeting is exhibited model compound economy circle.
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