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Square of Sha of abstruse garden gold

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Basic message
What belong to trade group: Na Sha
Decorate a state: Decorate completely
Property address: The sand austral Na Sha area
Hire / carry out phone: 020-22629188 22629222

Floor area: 250000 square metre

Project introduction
Na Sha situation is advantageous, be in the geographical geometry center of Pearl River delta, the position that prop up is in in structure of space of glyph of “A” of Macao of — of Guangzhou — Hong Kong, it is city of two sides of mouth of coupling Pearl River group hub sex node. Na Sha is a big talk of Guangzhou, also be Hong Kong marine a station that enters Guangzhou.
As the city development process is accelerated ceaselessly, of the community of arisen, large life of urban viatic construction, burgeoning area gather, na Sha begins to enter board piece autumn.
The base of adjacent sea industry that development of Guangzhou future key is dene south. As we have learned, will achieve to the sanded living population austral 2010 1 million, industrial production value comparatives as existing as Guangzhou city level.
Na Sha needs a powerful core business to regard as undoubtedly prop up. Square of Jin Sha of abstruse garden • is located in region of Na Sha core, its occurrence can make up for Na Sha's current commerce blank effectively, promote area whole image, square of Jin Sha of abstruse garden • holds a city to develop urban infinite business chance first, have great investment latent capacity.
Square of Jin Sha of abstruse garden • is located in in the center of Na Sha traffic hub, highway of approach of line of mainstay of the axis in the sand austral guard, annulus island road, door of the tiger that receive refute freeway, the southern part is fast and main, the eastpart part is fast and main, the subway the traffic such as 4 lines is aortic, golden Sha square is abstruse garden group marchs of commercial real estate make anew again, total floor area makes an appointment with 250 thousand square metre, head period floor area is close 60 thousand square metre, by the business that face a market the property such as shop, bazaar, advanced office building is comprised, it is one of commercial projects that focal point of Na Sha government plans to give aid to.
Project of first phase of square of Jin Sha of abstruse garden • locates for • of Na Sha center • of advanced office building comes large mart. Property function partition is clear, a gleam of is double-faced the shop that face a market, edge street range is long, business shop area is reasonable break up, economic rate is high, can divide can close, appropriate business appropriate is resided, agile organization; “ extends the distinctive pattern that extends the ” that face a market, a spot as yet untouched by a political movement of thoroughly cleared trade; Low risk, continuously passenger source, each is gold shop!
The business store that first phase builds is main unit with 4.5mx12m, it is shop of business of a standard to 4, layer of just a little is commerce, 3 go to 4 as office space, the layer is 5.2 meters first high, 2 are 3.5 meters, 3, 4 are 3 meters, carry out a proof, this kind of product suits investment to do poineering work quite model the effective demand of individual and small and medium sized business. To satisfy effect establishing a range, local business shop is entered for 10 meters deep, some business shop goes out carry the balcony, form rich effect establishing a range. Office building is 17, head 2 layer upon layer 4.5 meters tall, standard layer is 3.3 meters tall, overall height controls 60 meters the following. Na Sha is a burgeoning modern seaside city area, from integral scene of Na Sha the program asks to look, structure style is given priority to with the modernist school more, because this establishs design to go up in monomer, with body piece alternates, the gimmick with parallel lines of in any case, material accumulates glass to give priority to with bedding face character, the style is contemporary, lightsome, sedate, practical.
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