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Mansion of Hao bank business

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Basic message
Decorate a state: Clothbound is repaired
Property current situation: The structure seals a top
Building category: High level
Property address: Exceed number of 218-222 of the road austral beautiful Ou Haizhu
Traffic situation: The subway 6 lines one heart road stands; Bus: 8Road
Sell certificate: 20070024
Selling office address: Exceed number of 218-222 of the road austral beautiful Ou Haizhu
Hire / carry out phone: 22037888, 22037889

Historical price: Clock is hired / carry out all valence is hired / carry out maximum price is hired / description of price of carry out minimum price
1 2007-8-29- - up to now 9800 yuan / square metre takes clothbound to repair
2 2007-7-27 8800 yuan / square metre 7680 yuan / square metre
3 2007-2-26 8500 yuan / square metre 7680 yuan / square metre apartment all valence: 8500 yuan / square metre; Business is spread all valence: 30000 yuan / square metre; The bag is decorated, send home appliance

Open quotation time: 2007-06-01
Cover an area of an area: 3574.8 square metre
Volume ratio: 7.13
Total a number: 600
Parking space: 100
Property administration fee: 2.5 yuan / month of square metre ·
Property manages additional information: Apartment: 2.5 yuan / square metre; Business is spread: 12 yuan / square metre
Enter time: 2007-10-01
Floor area: 25500 square metre
Floor state: On the ground 19, underground

Establishment of form a complete set
Circumjacent form a complete set: The recreational coffee hall, center that extend trade, business affairs center, groom center, information releases center, content shedding to deserve to send center, bank the business affairs form a complete set such as the service.
Building materials equipment: Common share
Structure: Ferroconcrete casing cuts a structure.
Outside wall: Outside wall paint, granite, aluminous model board, wall of act of window of aluminium alloy push-pull, glass.
Old hall reachs elevator antechamber: Ground of the entrance is big ground, antechamber of corridor, elevator paves granite stone, elevator
Antechamber metope spreads advanced wear-resisting brick and advanced marble, smallpox condole supports and install elegant lamps and lanterns, every unit is set
Brand of fancy room name.
Smallpox: Board condole carries plasterboard or mineral wool on the head, unified installation is energy-saving canister lamp or fluorescent lamp dish.
Elevator: Elevator of OTIS automatic armrest, perpendicular elevator.
Air conditioning: Air conditioning system provides market in the center of common share air conditioning and new wind.
Fire control equipment: Set automatic put out a fire to call the police system, fireplug, automatic gush drenchs system.
Supervisory system: Passageway of the old hall, passageway, corridor that face a market, garage all sets closed-circuit television supervisory equipment.
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