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New field of 10 thousand divisions

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Basic message
Decorate a state: Semifinished product
Property current situation: Ground superstratum
Building category: High level
Property address: The road in ferry of dragon of Li bay area (C of station of Home Chen ancestral temple exports the subway)
Traffic situation: Draw near the subway a line, home Chen ancestral temple stands, periphery has a large number of public transportation lines
Develop business: 10 thousand family estate of Guangzhou city limited company
Sell certificate: 20080073
Selling office address: Li bay area road of health king north (C of station of Chen Jia ancestral temple exports the subway)
Hire / carry out phone: 81963180 81962888 81963888 all valence: 11000 yuan / square metre

Historical price: Clock is hired / carry out all valence is hired / carry out maximum price is hired / description of price of carry out minimum price
1 2008-5-4- - up to now 11000 yuan / square metre
2 2008-3-26 9800 yuan / square metre

Open quotation time: 2008-03
Cover an area of an area: 5734 square metre
Volume ratio: 7
Total a number: 240
Parking space: 130
Property administration fee: 2.8 yuan / month of square metre ·
Enter time: 2009-03
Floor area: 47000 square metre
Afforest rate: 25%
Floor state: 32

Establishment of form a complete set
Circumjacent form a complete set: In-house form a complete set: 1-2 layer is used make commercial use, around gardens, shuang Yongchi is designed. Have flood meeting place function
Medium, elementary school: Earth up elementary school of the elementary school, elementary school in Jin Yan, 3 yuan of lane
Nursery school: Maria nursery school, dragon ferry nursery school, much treasure nursery school
Bazaar: Square of new smooth city, 9 shopping malls fall on, constant treasure square, national beautiful electric equipment, general merchandise of 10 thousand beautiful
Bank: Bank of China, build a bank, industrial and commercial bank, traffic bank
Hospital: Guangzhou college of medicine is accessary hospital (hospital of area of Yuan Li bay) , guangzhou college of medicine, city people one hospital
Other: Domestic Le Fu

Project introduction
New field of 10 thousand divisions, it is the appropriate business appropriate that aureate Li encloseds ground for growing trees stays in 10 thousand divisions small family product. Door model the area differs from 40-53m2, its are rare the product shape that lack and versatility are in Li bay and even whole center the city zone rare. Agile space is combined, the multipurpose business that took the lead in realizing small family product lives unifinication. Independent flue, independent toilet, and can handle industrial and commercial license, support handles official bussiness and live oneself a variety of utility.
Divide rare outside the product value that lack, new field of 10 thousand divisions has value of superior a sector of an area more. Up and down 9, the quoit of 7 large trade such as east wind road, Zhongshan road, Kang Wanglu is circled beside, circumjacent more than 50 professional market is bristly. Mature commercial environment and huge passenger source, the tentacle of fortune business chance that lets here can be reached. Although be commercial property, but new field of 10 thousand divisions makes an appointment with 2.8 yuan / administration fee of M2• month property is equivalent to residential level only, it is the 1/3 that circumjacent other pure business uses property almost, reduced management cost significantly.
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