Capital catenary is innovated by test estate company financing seek new growth

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Recently, issue debenture to become low the new central issue that confuses money market, and it is in a flock of this pan main forces, the estate company that gets capital chain test really times get attention.

Afterwards 1.2 billion yuan of debenture published golden land group on March 12 this year after the inspect that obtain evidence can be approved, debenture issues the treasure in the real estate that protect interest, new lake to was obtained in succession May batch. Declared north celestial bodies is industrial yesterday also join this one procession. According to announcement, boreal celestial bodies is industrial this period bond (debt of “08 north celestial bodies ”) is par

Interval of interest rate inquiry can be in 7.5%-8.6% , far outclass issues recently 2008 proof type national debt.

Up to now, the estate debenture that superintendency branch approves already amounted to 13.3 billion yuan, this is big give sb a shot in the arm when superintend a strong to estate company macroscopical adjusting control to fall.

The personage inside course of study says: “ superintendency layer appears on the market to estate company financing supports cautious attitude all the time, again it is conditional that the gate of financing becomes loose, basically be aimed at the large estate company with management better state. ”

Public data shows, the income with boreal industrial 2007 celestial bodies is 4.354 billion yuan, invest property and shopkeeper industry income among them aggregate 1.432 billion yuan, occupy than 32.89% , regard estate as integrated operation enterprise, of the company fight risk ability excel estate of other and dinkum sex develops a business. Up to by 2007, the large and integrated property that the total floor area of Beijing Ya Yun Cun that the company manages amounts to 470 thousand square metre group, include a center of conference of a 2 2 hotels, office building, international, boarding house group with a shopping centers. The progressively and devoted operation that reachs circumjacent property as edifice of period of time of national conference center, north, the area that the investment property of the company and hold of shopkeeper course of study managed 2009 will achieve 1.2 million square metre. The dimensions that as investment property and hold of shopkeeper course of study manage is fast and outspread, two afore-mentioned company business board piece income also will increase to 3.6 billion yuan of above considerably.

On July 2, the treasure in new lake does not exceed a RMB 1.4 billion yuan debenture begins to issue, bond deadline 8 years, par interest rate 9% achieve debenture to issue interest rate new tall. But do not issue on the net by investor scare buying one sky. Last week 5, the real estate that protect interest also issued 5 years period, par interest rate is the debenture of 7% , issue on the net get likewise above quota subscribe. Visible, although estate company faces the test of capital catenary, but the market reaction that its issue debenture still gets investor favors.
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