Effect of Olympic Games of capital floor city is shown

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The report of market of estate of 2 quarters Beijing that Dai Deliang issued a few days ago all right shows, as low as market of general merchandise house confused situation is different, 2 quarters behave market of Beijing high end good. Suffer the effect of the Olympic Games, the price of residence of 2 quarters high end maintains steady growth, the average rent that serves type apartment and apartment of the market that rent presents ascendant state; And office building goes against city to rise, trade recently the capital value of the project has rise trend, price from the RMB 24000 yuan / square metre rises reach 27000 yuan / square metre, every square metre rises 3000 yuan; In the meantime, the report points out, the high-end commerce real estate of Beijing is being experienced new climax of round of development.

Effect of Olympic Games of capital floor city shows market of property of 2 quarters high end hopeful

As we have learned, because suffer the powerful effect of the Olympic Games, together with owner and administrative operation business all expect to there is taller hire get one's own back during the Olympic Games, hire of service type apartment from 2008 rose since first quarter 7.6% , the market all price rises to the RMB 207.3 yuan every months of every square metre. The high demand that appears possibly to answer future, supplying on, rent kind of advanced apartment, served type apartment to appear especially remarkable addition, the unit is as high as 9 than increasing usually even in the short-term hire during the Olympic Games times. As similar as the situation that serves type house market, the average rent of apartment of the market that rent also presents ascendant state. This kind grows farther confirm the Beijing market that rent is right the driving demand of high-end property, of the apartment that rent clinch a deal on average hire is a RMB 126.2 yuan of every month every square metre.

The villatic market that rent is the weakest in 3 markets that rent. This among them, of situation relatively out-of-the-way it is one of reasons with the villa flat performance that rent. Besides, the tenement that the part hopes to live in downtown turns and the choice serves type apartment, this also reduced the property demand of villatic form. And also somebody thinks, can last what the demand of villatic market just reflected hire side well and truly increase rate, because the hire of these property grows,do not suffer effect of Olympic Games element mostly.

Go according to DTZ Dai Deliang the 3rd quarter predicts to be added newly supply show, the supply of great majority is in concentration CBD, east Chang'an Street and Yan Sha. Among them amber house will be in 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers east Chang'an Street adds unit of 344 ring house newly, the drive gold a kind of sedge that is located in CBD Kaibinsiji what apartment will bring 300 units for the market is new add supply.
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