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The newest data that according to room of Guangzhou city land tubal bureau publishs, 10 districts of Guangzhou city put quantity room to trade in May 2008 register 4743, decrease compared to the same period 32.7% , trade the area that register five hundred and twenty-three thousand five hundred square metre, decrease compared to the same period 26.6% , trade the amount that register 2.204 billion yuan, decrease compared to the same period 24.3% . Secondhand in May the room trades a number comparing decreased in April 12.8% . Mixed in April each had tomb-sweeping day, 51 small long holidays in May, those who make industry public figure accident is, it is good that tomb-sweeping day sells a building to compare small in May long holiday actually.

Face atrophic building city, each big intermediary company seeks methodological “ actively to change body ” . From before the hand of just a little with trenchant camp is sold apart, rapid confluence becomes linkage of hand of just a little, use large-scale site advantage and huge passenger source, the estate business that the help needs capital of fast steam again makes work in short-term sale in domestic market skill room. The discovery in interviewing, each big intermediary high level already thought to act as agent no longer skill building dish can decrease secondhand the income of the respect, they think the requirement buying a house that wants a guest only exists, intermediary can endeavor assist a guest to satisfy requirement, no matter buy, is skill room secondhand still room. Alluvion of near future gold, Dong Xiaona is certain building dish quick sale is secondhand the complacent making of intermediary.

Since building city changeover, intermediary company rolls out varied sales promotion activity, do bamboo shoot to office building, bazaar from the residence dish make one's rounds is exhibited roll out favourable plan, buy a room to send a broadband, buy a room to send decorate, ” of petty favours of hope Jie “ can raise client satisfaction to spend. Shi Xiaoming of director of city intermediary institute in our newspaper the activity once had said, broker of the intermediary when building city fastigium won't sell a building last year, enter building city to adjust now period, intermediary broker must study next hard work more. How should intermediary company and broker sell a building? This is this period secondhand the special subject that building city pays close attention to, also will be a key that we pay close attention to for a long time.

Place produces Yang Suijuan in: “ goes straight towards 4 ” state of mind still young

Yang Suijuan is entered go 10 years, to oneself age unreserve. She says, although I am fast,“ goes straight towards 4 ” , state of mind still young. She has sufficient self-confidence and powerful outstanding achievement to prop up young state of mind, she was our newspaper 2002 secondhand the gold broker that building city chooses; 2008, she on a list of names posted up famous.
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