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” of king of commercial “ ground: Beijing road 23330 yuan / square metre

Division of appraised price of Guangdong province land learns to be released yesterday " report " in divide Na Sha to Guangzhou the residence of the 9 districts of city beyond the area and commercial price undertake derivation, evaluate fiducial day to choose on December 31, 2007. From the point of the average price of derivation, more beautiful area stands to the highest peak of whole town price.

More beautiful area 2 sanded islands piece the residential derivation price of the area is 12150 yuan / square metre, make a division with top price of whole town house. The Pearl River new city of area of the Milky way piece area, the sanded face of Li bay area piece of area, sea bead area bank the river is medium the old airport of an area, Bai Yun area piece area, time the Luo Xi of Yu area piece the station such as the area arrived the front row of price of each canton house.

The ” of “ ground king of commercial side also is in more beautiful area, beijing road piece area with 23330 yuan / the derivation land price of square metre lists price of whole town business the first. And area of the Milky way sports center piece area with 12340 yuan / square metre row the 2nd.

From the point of derivation price, guangzhou is current each area piece the price wants tower above than the fiducial price that implements at present mostly many.

Guangzhou fiducial price is about to adjust

The reporter learns from forum yesterday, bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land is undertaking new round of fiducial price adjusts the job, had sought development business and opinion of the personage inside course of study, predict to will be announced in the near future.

Fiducial price is construction of utility of commerce, office, residence, industry the land access area that uses the land is average market price case, it is a government the market of land of macroscopical adjusting control, important basis that makes all sorts of land government policy, also be the basis that governmental plan receives gold of land sell one's own things.

Guangzhou adjusts fiducial price last time still was 2006, fiducial date is in the price that selects at that time more early on December 31, 2004. In 3 years of much time, guangzhou price is not former times comparing today already, be adjusted in time and announce fiducial price to direct to the market have important sense.

Guangzhou heat board piece price goes situation

Pearl River new city

Small this year promote

Pearl River is new last year city in all sell one's own things 4 ground, run public floor price among them from 8358 yuan / square metre rises 11912 yuan / square metre, and the floor price that this region business affairs ran public land 2006 is in only 2300-4600 yuan / between square metre, increase rate exceeded 100% . Fall in the setting of lag of policy adjusting control in estate market, land demand lasts driving, record of ” of king of ground of “ of Pearl River new city is uninterrupted refresh.
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