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And be versed in branch rolled out a Shanghai to press Zhou Gong business, can make consumer free choose to remand with double week or odd Zhouwei cycle housing borrows money - - burden of every months of reimbursement is roughly changeless, and reimbursement cycle can shorten greatly however, saved total interest expenses finally.

Labour travel Shanghai is static install Fang Jiayin of manager of client of subbranch of a bank to say: “100 if 10 thousand yuan loan still still is returned 30 years by the month according to 30 years can be 5 years ahead of schedule 25 years when can mix the capital of loan accrual still is over entirely such word. ”

Meanwhile, the Construction Bank also rolled out norm to offer two brand-new reimbursement way regularly for mixing, specified amount of every months of reimbursement is OK under specified amount of reimbursement of month of principal and interest waiting for the forehead, suit to increasing the reimbursement pressure that the person that buy a house eases in breath cycle particularly.

The personage inside course of study points out, be in a bank in of all kinds loan, the room shifts business is high grade loan all the time. The fraction defective that at present individual housing mortgages loan is in commonly 1% the following, under the loan business of other type. But city of near future building clinchs a deal low fan, cause bank loan specified amount to spend with do not go out, each bank must think method contends for a room to borrow a client.

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